WOCA 2022: Insights from ‘Shared Sisterhood’

At our 5th-annual Women of Color and Their Allies event, held in conjunction with Humana at the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, Dr. Tina Opie, Associate Professor of Management at Babson College and Dr. Beth Livingston, Associate Professor at the University of Iowa, shared insights from their forthcoming book “Shared Sisterhood: How to Take Collective Action for Racial and Gender Equity at Work.” 

When Dr. Opie and Dr. Livingston met, they weren’t sure if they could be friends based on their differences as a Black woman and a white woman. But they gave it a shot and now have a great friendship, which Dr. Opie encouraged others to do. 

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“Please put aside your defensiveness, your distancing and your denial,” she said. “Women of color are worth developing authentic connections with and your life will be improved.”

When talking about Shared Sisterhood, Dr. Livingston said it’s all about building connections. 

“Shared sisterhood is for everybody, regardless of gender,” she said. “It’s about finding people who share those values of equity.”

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