WOCA 2022: Fireside Chat: Healing from Workplace Trauma

Minda Harts, workplace equity subject matter expert, professor of public service at NYU and the author of three books, shared her experience with workplace trauma at the Women of Color and Their Allies event (WOCA).

During the “Fireside Chat: Healing from Workplace Trauma” session, Harts gave a plan of action when workplace abuse occurs:

  1. You don’t have to respond or defend yourself immediately.
  2. Acknowledge what occurred at that it is harmful so that you can confront it.
  3. Document the occurrence so that you don’t question yourself if the abuse is actually happening or not.
  4. Redistribute the energy, which is part of your healing.
  5. Affirm yourself.

“No workplace is perfect, but is it going to mess up our day? Is it going to take us off our game? Is it going to prevent us from healing? I get to decide that I’m going to vibrate higher above the nonsense,” said Harts. “As black and brown women, we have choices. I think sometimes we forget that our voice is our choice. Staying or going is a choice.”

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