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Kansas Man Kicks Black Toddler, Shouts Racial Slurs in Grocery Store

When Trace Riff tried to leave after attacking the child, another customer tackled him.


At the Dillons supermarket in Wichita, Kan., Trace Riff, age 31, kicked a one-year-old Black boy in a racially motivated attack.

"We were barely in the store and [Riff] kicked him in his back," Lashantai Whitaker, mother of the toddler, told KWCH on Wednesday. "All I heard was a loud thud and my daughter screaming."

The incident happened on Sunday morning. The Wichita Police Department, describing Trace's actions as a "racially motivated bias crime," said he kicked the child while yelling obscenities and racial slurs.

When Riff tried to leave the store, another customer tackled him. As police arrived customers were holding him on the ground. He was arrested for "battery that was bias and racially motivated and resisting arrest."

Whitaker said her son was not seriously injured, but Trace could have gravely hurt him.

"What grown person, I mean, even if you do have that much hate for someone,... I mean, why would you attack a baby?" she said.

Wichita is the largest city in Kansas. According to, the population is 75.3 percent white, 11.2 percent Black, 16.7 percent Latino, 5 percent Asian and less than 1 percent American Indian. The median household income is $48,982.

This year, Wichita was one of six cities participating in The National League of Cites' Racial Equity and Racial Healing Technical Assistance Initiative. NLC said the initiative assists city leaders in identifying the impacts of institutional racism in their community's policies and practices, and how to take action to address it.

In April, a Wichita Collegiate high school student Gehad Qaki, who is Muslim, had a racist experience on the tennis court.

The Conversation (10)
Shugar27 Dec, 2018

I guess if someone would’ve returned the same action to him they would’ve been wrong. I am so sick of this hatred and it is being fueled by the president of these United States. He is not solely to blame but he is responsible for the part he plays each time he speaks something filled with rage.

What on earth did a child do to deserve this, he could have seriously injured or killed that baby. I’m so sick of it ALL!!

Clarissa Murphy27 Dec, 2018

I’m sorry to hear that a grown ass moron thought it was okay to kick a child. However, it’s pleasing to hear that a bystander tackle the racist pig 🐷.

Ricardo Jennings30 Dec, 2018

the same mouth that said that is the same mouth that should be broken.

SanmiFalae@gmail.com27 Dec, 2018

That child is psychologically damaged for ever.

Pamela Ryals27 Dec, 2018

Only two charges for that? Mmmmm

Kathryn O'Brien28 Dec, 2018

Sounds like he could be mentally unstable. I am guessing, of course. When you have an impaired President getting constant TV time, his poison is viewed by anyone within earshot.

Alpha Whitaker28 Dec, 2018

Poor baby! Bless her and her mother! Thank God for those really good people that held that demon to face justice!!!! THIS is the hate we've been speaking of! It's been a long problem! Our women and children are NOT your punching bags!!!! What a horrible person!

votetocorrect27 Dec, 2018
Trace needs to face attempted murder Hate Crime charges!

Black Student in Kansas Sues School District for Racial Discrimination

The dance team's choreographer told Camille Sturdivant that her skin was "too dark" to perform because she "clashed" with uniforms.

Camille Sturdivant and coaches Kevin Murakami and Carley Fine

Camille Sturdivant has filed a racial discrimination lawsuit against the Blue Valley School District for the abuse she was subjected to as a member of the high school dance team.

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Vermont Continues to Fail Black Legislator Racially Harassed By White Nationalist

Kiah Morris resigned from her position because of the harassment, but Vermont's attorney general said he will not file charges against the perpetrators, including Max Misch.

Kiah Morris was the only Black woman in the Vermont House of Representatives, until she resigned from her position in September, after enduring years of racially motivated harassment.

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Update: White Man Who Assaulted 11-Year-Old Black Girl is Due in Court Next Month

David Steven Bell's attorney said he wasn't motivated by anything other than defending himself, but nothing spells racist like referring to a group of Black girls as "a pack of youth who trapped and surrounded" his client.

David Steven Bell, 51, is home with his family after punching an 11-year-old Black child in the face this past weekend in an Asheville mall. He was arrested, charged with three counts of assault and released in about a 24-hour period. His court date is Feb. 5.

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Trump's Government Shutdown Closes MLK Historic Sites

Ebenezer Baptist Church and most of the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical Park in Atlanta are closed. "I feel a bit of sadness...I didn't expect to cry over this," said Bernice King.

Tuesday was Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday and next Monday is our national celebration of the civil rights icon.

But school field trips, celebrations, families' visits to teach children about civil rights and the values of all people being created equally are being canceled due to President Trump's government shutdown.

Thousands of people who flock to Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, where Martin Luther King Jr. was pastor, and to his home, as well as the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture in D.C., will be disappointed. They are all closed.

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Roku Pulls Racist 'Infowars' After Social Media Backlash

Alex Jones, founder of Infowars, has also been accused of sexual harassment. He allegedly grabbed a Black employee's backside saying: "Who wouldn't want a Black wife?"


Six months after major social media channels such as YouTube and Twitter banned Alex Jones' Infowars, Roku, a streaming service, added a channel for the show's 24 million users. Apparently, there has been a channel for the show on Roku for years, according to Roku spokesman Eric Savitz.

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Rep. Steve King's Racism is Finally Making Republicans Uncomfortable

King has been stripped of his committee assignments, but is it too little, too late?


U.S. Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) was stripped of his committee assignments in Congress by House Republicans on Monday evening. It seems the backlash from King's recent remarks on white supremacy and white nationalism finally caused the Republican Party to take action. But why are Republicans now outraged when King has been sharing his racist beliefs for years?

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