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Latest News

'Being a Father Makes Me Feel Like a Superhero’

In celebration of Father's Day DiversityInc spoke to TJ Phelps about his paternity leave journey to fatherhood.

Video By Alana Winns and Christian Carew

The Conversation (1)
Félix Leo Campos15 Jun, 2018
Nice video. A great story filled with emotional stings that pull at men's hearts. What is missing and has been for many years is the fact that if it were women who didn't want the responsibility of being a parent, there wouldn't be these happy stories of a man being a father to his children. The reason being is that archaic attitude towards men as parents. Men don't bear off-spring. We, I include myself, don't have the proverbial "upper body strength", "the broad shoulders, heavy bones, and thick muscles" to endure the hard and sometimes very difficult labor. Regardless of the numbers of people that are alive today who've been raised in a single-father household, many from birth, the prevailing thought remains that an abortion is the preferred and biased option to a woman being the only one with the right of choice.

TD Bank Survey: Medical Professionals Anticipate Revenue Growth; Concerned About Politics

"Given the uncertainty within the broader U.S. political climate and continued scrutiny around healthcare policy, it is not surprising that practitioners have heightened concerns about healthcare legislation and insurance reimbursement."

Originally Published by TD Bank.

Medical practitioners are optimistic about their practices' finances but remain concerned about the impact of politics on the American healthcare industry, finds a survey released today by TD Bank, America's Most Convenient Bank®.

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Black Former NFL Player Defends His Daughter Against White Predator​

"I caught him at the apartment over there and we just had a good conversation," ex-NFL player Tony Beckham said.

Screenshot from WPLG ABC 10

Former NFL player for the Tennessee Titans and Detroit Lions, Tony Beckham, caught a white man fondling himself outside of his daughter's window at 6:40 a.m. Monday (she had just exited the shower to get dressed), and runs outside, tackles him, his wife calls the police, and the man is arrested.

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TD Bank’s “Unexpectedly Human” Brand Campaign Aims to Redefine Banking

At TD, we pride ourselves on delivering customized, seamless experiences that feel local and authentic."

Originally Published by TD Bank.

TD launched its Unexpectedly Human brand campaign, which shows how the bank prioritizes modern convenience and customer centricity, while elevating its focus on local communities and small businesses. Developed with a sense of humor and healthy dose of humanity, the campaign celebrates the bank's reputation as a customer service innovator with a distinct culture.

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Shutdown Over Border Wall Stops Over 42,000 Immigration Hearings in Their Tracks

"Largely, the individuals in the immigration courts and the ones getting their cases cancelled during the shutdown are on the lower end of the economic spectrum," said Alan Pollack, a New Jersey immigration attorney.


A report by Syracuse University's Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse says that the tally of canceled immigration hearings, currently almost 43,000 for the shutdown period, would likely grow by 20,000 for each additional week the government fails to reopen.

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Money: people love and hate to talk about it. They want to make it, they want to use it, and they love having it, but when it comes to actually thinking about it, how we get it, how we use and how it helps or hurt us—that's when people start to ask questions.

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Update: Son of Black Man With Mental Illness Killed by Portland Police Plans to File Lawsuit

Meanwhile, the hospital that Andre Gladen was at hours before he was shot has made no comment.

Andre Gladen, a father of five who suffered from schizophrenia, was shot dead on Sunday by Officer Consider Vosu of the Portland Police Bureau (PPB), after an altercation in a home. Records confirm that he visited the emergency room of Adventist Medical Center in Southeast Portland a few hours before his death.

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