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White Woman Notifies Security of Black Man Pushing His Son in a Stroller

A Washington, D.C., area father claims he was racially profiled while with his child in a park.

Donald Sherman / FACEBOOK

Amid almost daily reports from across the country of white people calling the cops on Blacks for activities like napping and buying prom outfits, a Black father claims that security was notified of a "'suspicious man' walking on the bike path with a baby" while he pushed his son in a stroller in a Washington, D.C., area park.

Donald Sherman, a lawyer based in D.C., explained in a Facebook post that on Thursday he stayed home with his son, Caleb, who had a fever. He wanted Caleb to get some fresh air, so he took his son for a walk in Kingman and Heritage Island Park, near their home.

"Thirty minutes into our stroll I got flagged by a security officer in one of those cars marked 'Special Police' on the side," Sherman wrote. "I was a bit confused as to whether she was looking for me to stop but she honked twice and pulled over so I got the picture.

"She told me that she received a complaint from someone who said there was a 'suspicious man' walking on the bike path with a baby. She said that when the complainant was asked to describe my race, she declined.

"Nevertheless, this person, a white lady on a bike who veered off as Caleb and I were walking in her direction, saw fit to report me to security."

Sherman said his interaction with the security officer was "pleasant" and that she just wanted to inform him of what happened.

"If this complaint had been made to a different security officer or an actual cop, things could have gone very differently," he wrote.

"This is exactly why we have to talk about white privilege and why Black lives matter.

"Because at any point doing any thing anywhere my safety and my child's safety could been in jeopardy because some well intentioned complaint."

"Are white folks losing their minds?" Christian N. Henderson wrote in response to Sherman's post. "This is getting frightening and developing too fast. Thank you for maintaining your cool."

The Conversation (37)
20 May, 2018
Just think of all the youth locked up in our system , for someone else’s crime , or no crime at all , for centuries.
20 May, 2018
Thank God for the gentlemanliness in you otherwise things could turned ugly irrespective of the type of the security. Racial profiling is just getting worse each day.
19 May, 2018
White people are calling the police on black people for anything because they know that there is a strong possibility that the call can become tragic based on the many violent confrontations that have occured simply upon the arrival of the police from the call. So the call is made in hopes that from absolutely nothing criminal taking place a killing beat down or lockup by the police of the innocent black person may still occur. It's called conspiracy by the understanding of the obvious result of black peoples encounter with mostly white police becoming death or the destruction of a that black person. It's simply evil and every person that makes that false call should be charged and fined heavily then it would stop!
Georgia S. McDade18 May, 2018
Thanks for saying these incidents are not new. Such incidents take place all over the country every day. The cameras sometimes make a difference. What, for instance, changed with Rodney King? How many persons have been killed by police who were exonerated? But, at least, more folks know more about the frequency of incidents; more folks report incidents; more folks are outraged. Occasionally there is real justice. Thank you.
18 May, 2018
News flash. White people this ISN'T new. This has been goin on since 1776 for some reason white America has been tellin us its all in our heads. The only thing new about this is it being recorded and u finally believing black Americans... Ur admission to this is the only thing thats new... It only took 242 years but who counting am i right??? Baby steps baby steps.
Evelyn Miller18 May, 2018
This must be the newest form of sick fun for racist White people. Call the cops to report a Black person doing an ordinary thing (shopping, golfing, eating, waiting, walking, talking, sleeping, reading, standing) then run away. And people wonder why some Black folks are less than gracious towards White people. Maybe people of color should start calling police on White folks for making us uncomfortable. See how well that'll go over. BLM
18 May, 2018
Just today my grand daughter was playing with some white kids in my apartment comlpex.when a neighbor over heard one of the older white kid telling my grand daughter.she cant be a leader only a slave for she is black..My husband who is also white called him out on it ...the kid said it was all a jokebut he told him no its not accepted and not a joke!
17 May, 2018
I think us Black folks should just start calling the cops on white folks for absurd reasons. Call the cops,there's a white person sitting on a bench!!
17 May, 2018
Why do white people do this please white people who is reading this please tell me why.
17 May, 2018
This is absolutely ridiculous. What a very sad society.
17 May, 2018
A lot of assumptions on the part of this guy. #1 caller refused to identify the race of the suspect. #2 Mr. Sherman assumes that the caller was a white woman on a bike that "veered off as Caleb and I were walking in her direction, saw fit to report me to security." #3"If this complaint had been made to a different security officer or an actual cop, things could have gone very differently," he wrote. How does he come to these conclusions? Me I will take sh%t that never happened for $500 Alex.
17 May, 2018
This is a practice of whites that is getting light shed on it . Many years ago as a NYC police dispatcher I would get calls of a suspicious person walking down the street. It would be a black person walking in a white neighborhood. This was in NYC so this is nothing new. Because we have cellphones light is being shed on this behavior
17 May, 2018
This is how it started in Germany, I got to say this, every black person need a fire arm! Whether u are a felon or not, Trump's racist base is growing everyday we see black & people of color harrassed daily. I walked though Roland Park in Baltimore to pick my dad up from work. And a private neighborhood security officer stop me and ask where was I going. Well I kept walking and he kept following. I knew I put my life in this person hands. When I got to the store my dad, worked at he got out the car, and then I told him I will die first before I feel like a 2nd class citizen, when my people paid with their lives for me to go anywhere. Just like they feel about their 2nd amendment rights. I will never step back in fear of some white fools, who think this is just their country hell no!!!
17 May, 2018
Truly said but happens every single day now.....
17 May, 2018
This is sad ...I see this as being a new way to have that slavery crap pushed in on a newer open way to the viewers eyes...This is why MLK should have been fighting for the rights of thee African/Mixed race can have their own in America as the next culture that lives in America...These Europeans that are so big on putting thee African culture down...Do they not see the dark skin color in Chinese folks;Indians,Italians ,thee Irish yet I never hear these cultures calling any of their people your black your white...They see no color with in the people of their culture...They get what they want in America and thee African /mixed race has to go around as if the color on their body is not fit to be around...But that would mean the world of ppl has a sycological problem due to thee other cultures that share thee same skin color....So I went above skin to see how else ppl would differ those with the same color of different cultures is the hair that would make a culture fall the way the high up has labeled cultures to fall in the category the way the do...And that is why thee African/Indian/mix race get treated very unfairly...This is why no one should fight to be apart of a culture jus to be able to have the same means to build and create your own for your own culture...Do anyone see the Chinese,Idiand,Mexicans fighting to be apart of a European culture...No...They came here to build and create things for their own culture...Slave folks have to get away from that MLK fight...We need a different Fight I want my ppl to have their own jus as thee next culture in America...We have those rights as well...We should not be singled out...Perhaps if they stop singling folks out they would n'thave so much fear in their hearts...I jus hope this mess will get better before it gets any worse...Because all I see coming out of this if it keeps up is nothing more than a bunch of innocent lives being taking over a bunch of slavery fear in folks heart...
17 May, 2018
17 May, 2018
That's why I do not give them the time of day. I treat them just like the trash that has been thrown to the ground. Like they aren't there on shouldn't be givin any of my time. They look and sound stupid as hell doing this. Even the Hawaiians hate white people and call them "howlee" white pigs. Trust me they are liars and thieves too.
17 May, 2018
This was hardly “well intentioned.” It sounds more like a malicious and vindictive act on the caller’s part to hurt the dad for taking up “her” space on the sidewalk. She lied about the “suspicious” part to manipulate the police/security guards into harassing him. It’s the kind of thing sociopaths do to inflict needless pain on others with no remorse.
16 May, 2018
Enough is enough! We white people need to be cited for false accusations.
16 May, 2018
Law enforcement all over the country needs to get wise to these bigoted clowns who are using them to harass black people. Was there any report of a baby being kidnapped in that area? If not, why did she even respond? What is so "suspicious" worthy of a "driveby and look-see," about a man walking on a bike path with a stroller? To see if a crime was being committed? Use common sense

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