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At Wells Fargo, we have a heightened awareness of the racial inequity and discrimination that have been clearly exposed over the past year. We are committed to accelerating diversity, equity and inclusion within our company, the country and across the globe.

We’ve added a new operating committee role to lead our efforts to expand diversity at all levels of the company. The head of Diverse Segments, Representation and Inclusion, Kleber Santos, will work closely with the head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Jimmie Paschall, to embed the principles of DE&I into every facet of our operations. We have set eight key initiatives that will help our vision of a truly diverse, equitable and inclusive company become a reality.

  1. Expand, execute and share our DE&I strategy, goals and measurements
  2. Collect, manage and share data transparently 
  3. Develop and sponsor diverse talent 
  4. Recruit, develop and promote diverse talent 
  5. Develop employee engagement efforts and programming 
  6. Enhance supplier diversity programs 
  7. Invest in community partnerships 
  8. Focus on new product development for all diverse customer segments

We at Wells Fargo are intentionally deepening our commitment and connection to our employees and our communities to accelerate diversity, equity and inclusion progress.


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U.S. Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Global Employees: 260,413

2020 DiversityInc Top 50 Ranking: No. 11


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