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While Walmart has had a team focused on diversity and inclusion since 2003, the creation of the Global Office of Culture, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in 2015 marked an intentional and strategic move to evolve DEI work from transactional, compliance-based programming to transformational, business-driven culture change.

Meeting the changing wants and needs of its customers requires Walmart to be innovative and agile, and this is where the company believes its DEI initiatives are a strategic lever for unlocking increased business performance. Innovation requires differentiation, and in order to differentiate, you must surround yourself with people with unique styles, experiences, identities, abilities and perspectives. Walmart aspires to have a workforce at all levels of the organization that reflects the customers and communities they serve. That’s diversity.

At Walmart, inclusion means creating the kind of culture where associates feel welcomed, comfortable and safe in bringing their authentic selves to work each day, and are engaged and empowered by inclusive leaders to be high performers. Inclusion is how Walmart seeks to tap into the full potential of its diversity and leverage it as a true asset for creating shared value for the business, associates, customers, suppliers and the community alike.

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U.S. Headquarters: Bentonville, AR

U.S. Employees: Nearly 1.6 million

2021 DiversityInc Top 50 Ranking: No. 22


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