Video: Racist Tow Truck Driver Caught Dropping N-Word in Boston To Customer

Earlier this month, a Boston tow truck driver named “Jeff” hurled racist insults at a Black customer as he serviced a man and his wife. The woman, NeNe Judge’Mayo, recorded the incident and shared it on her Facebook page as well as on Youtube, according to Bossip. The verbal altercation took place on September 9 outside Judge’Mayo’s home.

The driver works for Robert’s Towing in Brighton, Mass. The company has a series of bad reviews on Yelp and Google. The company has yet to comment on the video.

When Judge’Mayo recorded Jeff’s tirade, he never relented. She began narrating the situation as it unfolded.

“Because of your f—— n—– husband,” Jeff said as he walked back toward his tow truck.

She repeated his inflammatory statement, “Oh, my n—– husband!”

Jeff replied, “That’s what I said.”

“Yup! That’s what you said! I didn’t say nothing racist to y’all!” Judge’Mayo said before adding “Maybe you should look me up. My last video of a white man went viral, of the motorcycle girl that hit the news. I bet you this goes viral, too.”

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She finally advised Jeff that she would share this latest video on social media.

“This is going to be a good one, that’s what you said right there,” she says.

Jeff continued to taunt Judge’Mayo stating he would share his own video on Facebook as well.

She told him to go ahead.

This wasn’t Judge’Mayo’s first encounter with racism in the Boston-area.

In August 2018, another white man from Boston was arrested after he yelled and threatened Judge’Mayo. He told her to leave “his neighborhood” -although she lived there also. The three-minute video also shows the man threatening to “knock her the f— out!”

According to the Universal Hub, The police were called and the man attempted to force them to harass Judge’Mayo. The officer made it clear that her place of residence was no issue for him.

“I don’t care where she lives,” the officer responded. “It’s none of my business.”

That three-minute video went viral on social media too.

Although many people deny Boston’s racist history, a Google search of “racism in Boston” yielded almost 48 million results. It appears that racism is embedded in the very fabric of the city.










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