Video: Black Family Refuses to Hire Contractor with Giant Confederate Flag

A Black family in Atlanta, Ga., refused to hire an independent contractor that showed up to their house with a massive Confederate flag attached to his truck.

The contractor, whose name is Michael, showed up to their house on Saturday to replace the brakes on their golf cart, according to Yahoo News. But as soon as Allison and Zeke Brown saw the truck and the flag, it was game over.

The video was captured on Allison’s Ring app and has been circulating on Twitter.

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“Hi, you know what, I do apologize, I know you’ve come from a very long way, but we’re going to use someone else,” Allison, a radiation therapist, said to Michael.

“She’s upset with the flag,” Zeke said.

“No, I’m beyond upset with the flag,” Allison said.

The contractor offered to remove the flag while he was at the house but the damage was already done.

“No, you don’t need to take it down. You can continue to believe what you need to believe, sir. But no, I cannot pay you for your services. Thank you, have a good day,” Allison said.

Thousands of people have watched the footage and Twitter is ablaze with people praising Allison’s polite replies.

“Would he had shown up to a white Jewish family with a swastika? The Confederate flag is a common white supremacist symbol of hatred of Blacks. It represents racism, slavery and the country’s long history of oppression of Black people,” one Twitter user wrote.

Though some tried to defend the Confederate flag, the reality of the history of the flag does not support that and it’s considered a hate symbol.



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