Archived: Trump Kicks Black Man Out of N.C. Rally, Calls Him a 'Thug'

CJ Cary, a 63-year-old Black man, is a resident of North Carolina, a former Marine and a staunch Trump supporter.

He attended Trump’s rally in Kinston, North Carolina, last week to deliver the Republican presidential candidate a document “urging him to be less offensive and more inclusive to four demographic groups: Black people, women, people with disabilities and college students,” according to The News & Observer.

Cary, who was wearing dark sunglasses because of light sensitivity, a suit and a GOP badge, walked toward the front, at least 20 or 30 feet from the stage during the rally in Kinston Jet Center, and yelled “Donald” while waving his document in the air, in an attempt to get the candidate’s attention.

Attendees saw the Black man and began pointing at him and waving their “Trump/Pence” signs in his direction to indicate to a protester was in their midst.

“Where’s the protester,” Trump said. “Were you paid $1,500 to be a thug

“You can get him out,” he said. “Get him out.”

“He entirely mistook that and thought that I was a protester,” Cary said.

An official on Trump’s personal security detail who escorted him out saw his GOP badge, so Cary explained what he was attempting to do:

“I was trying to get to this doc to Mr. Donald will you get this to Donald”

Cary said the official agreed to deliver the document but Cary was told, “If you had just gotten this to us we would have given it to him. But now that people think you’re a protester, it’s better that you leave.”

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Trump followed the lead of his supporters believing Cary was a protester hired by the Hillary Clinton campaign. Even after Cary explained, he still had to leave.

It seems that rather than welcoming Blacks at Trump rallies, where many have been shoved, escorted out and even sucker punched, some white supporters will take on the task of holding “Blacks for Trump” signs as a publicity stunt like last week in Sanford, Florida.

“I love the signs behind me… Blacks for Trump,” Trump said at the rally.

Cary is a huge supporter of Trump. During the summer he had at least 40 lawn signs in his front yard. He even had up signs during the Republican primary.

In June, an unknown suspect ripped up most of the signs and damaged the remaining ones. The Rocky Mount Telegram reported that Cary informed authorities they were worth $900. He replaced the signs.

Cary has been a Trump supporter ever since the candidate responded to a letter he wrote him in 1992, during Trump’s first divorce.

“I support Trump because he’s honest,” Cary told The Rocky Mount Telegram in July. “You can work with an honest person and convince them their vision isn’t in the best interest of everyone. You can’t work with dishonest people. That’s why I don’t like Obama the worst president in American history.”

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Regardless of Trump’s repeated negative and offensive remarks on the campaign trail, including saying that African Americans live in ghettos and are uneducated, and also his slowness to disavow former KKK leader David Duke, who’s running for a seat in the Louisiana senate, Cary continued to support Trump.

But, in his eagerness to express what he believes Trump needs to do in order to reach out to Black people, he was call a thug and shown the door, unable to return.

He told The Washington Post has not heard back officially from the Trump campaign.

“I was a little sad [that I was escorted out] but was more happy than sad because my purpose for being there was to give that document to Donald,” Cary said. “My mission was to make sure I got it in the right hands, because someone could have just easily tossed it or dropped it.”

He said he still plans on voting for Trump.

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