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Chris Rock's Latest Instagram Post Calls Out Trump Where's the Black Women

Chris Rock’s latest post on Instagram, hilariously, calls out the lack of diversity at The White House. There’s, literally, been a “whiteout” at The White House since Omarosa’s, um, “departure” from President Trump’s administration.

The legendary comedian’s commentary on the highly popular social media site was a hit. It scored almost 110k likes and almost 4,200 comments.

Given this administration’s troubles with finding appropriate staff to fill the many vacant positions left behind by former White House staffers, the obvious choice would be to look at who Trump doesn’t have in the White House. Clearly, white men are covered and we see how that’s going. Maybe it’s time for the “leader” of our nation to go another route.

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And Black women ARE BRILLIANT. Even a Black woman who isn’t brilliant is better than what he has going on now. I mean, we’d at least be better than Sarah Sanders.

In fact, we are often more than qualified although our salaries don’t reflect it. Black women are one of the most educated and politically engaged groups in the United States. But their earnings don’t reflect that fact.

Last year, women made about 80 percent ($.80 cents on the $1) of what men earned, according to the Pew Research Center. But “white and Asian women have narrowed the wage gap with white men to a much greater degree than Black women.”

When compared to white men, on average, Black women are paid approximately $.63 cents on the dollar, which is 38 percent less than white men; and are paid 21 percent less than white women.

It’s about time to add some chocolate to this vanilla party. Maybe someone in the administration might learn a thing or two. Or three or four. Then again, I don’t know who’d want to work for the president.

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