Trump: Hillary an 'Enabler' of Bill's Infidelity

Donald Trump attacked Hillary Clinton on what could be the most personal level yet, calling her an “enabler” of Bill Clinton’s infidelity last week and doubling down on these remarks Monday.

“But nobody in this country, and maybe in the history of the country politically, was worse than Bill Clinton with women. He was a disaster,” the Republican Party’s presumptive nominee said at a rally in Oregon last week. “I mean, there’s never been anybody like this. And she was a total enabler. She would go after these women and destroy their lives. I mean have you ever read with Hillary Clinton did to the women that Bill Clinton had affairs with And they’re going after me with women Give me a break, folks.”

Trump’s poll numbers with women have been on the decline for months. According to a YouGov survey released at the end of April, Trump’s unfavorable rating with women is at 60 percent — compared to 45 percent in January. And a CNN poll released on May 4 found that 61 percent of female registered voters would support Clinton over Trump. 51 percent of women said they have a favorable view of Clinton, with just 32 percent saying they have a favorable view of Trump.

“[Hillary] was an unbelievably nasty, mean enabler,” Trump went on last week, “and what she did to a lot of those women is disgraceful, so put that in her bonnet, and let’s see what happens.”

Although Trump did not provide examples or evidence to back up his claims about Clinton, he reiterated this rhetoric further on Monday with CNN’s Chris Cuomo on “New Day.”

“It’s only retribution for what she said. She’s playing the woman’s card to the hilt,” Trump told Cuomo. “I watched over the weekend, and everything is about women, and ‘Donald Trump raised his voice,’ and it’s all nonsense.”

Trump then went on to reiterate how much women support his policies.

“Watch how well I do with women when it counts, when the election comes,” he said, “watch how well, because women want to see strong security, they want to see strong military, they want to see borders when people can’t just come walking across a border like it’s Swiss cheese.”

But CNN’s poll found that women are not as confident in Trump’s immigration policies as he believes. When asked who would handle the issue of immigration better, Clinton or Trump, 58 percent of women said Clinton, with just 37 percent choosing Trump. The women polled also said they believed Clinton would handle every issue the poll asked about — the economy, terrorism, health care, climate change, foreign policy, education and the income gap between the rich and poor — better than Trump would.

Cuomo questioned why Trump didn’t choose to discuss the issues he said women are concerned about and rather focused on attacking the Clintons.

“I spoke very little about that compared to other things,” Trump argued. “You took a small amount of the speech and you built it up like it’s the biggest thing in the world.”

Despite this attempt to downplay his remarks, Trump took them further.

“But it is a big thing,” he went on. “[Bill Clinton] was the worst abuser of women, as a politician, in the history of our country. He was impeached. He was impeached, and then he lied about it. He said nothing happened with Monica Lewinsky, and then he said, ‘Sorry folks, it actually did happen,’ and the guy was impeached for lying.”

Trump then once again brought up his presumed strong support from female voters.

“She can’t talk about me because nobody respects women more than Donald Trump,” he said. “And I will be better for women by a big factor than Hillary Clinton, who, frankly, I don’t think even will be good to women.”

Trump also said at the Oregon rally that he would not have said negative things about women in the past if he knew he would be running for president one day — not citing the ever-growing list of women he has offended just since launching his campaign in June. Among these women are former GOP candidate Carly Fiorina, who Trump said did not have a face to run for president, and Fox News journalist and debate moderator Megyn Kelly, who he called a “bimbo” and said was “bleeding out of her whatever.” He has also attacked Clinton numerous times during his campaign, claiming she is playing the “woman’s card” numerous times in recent weeks. And in December, he said that Clinton was “schlonged” in 2008 when she lost the Democratic nomination to President Barack Obama.

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