Trump rally immediately following Pittsburgh massacre.

Trump Hate Reigns Supreme Over America

Three hate-filled, weak-minded white men, whipped up by Republican racism and bigotry terrorized our nation last week.

In the wake of last week’s pipe bomb terrorist, a racist attempting mass murder at a Black church and the worst mass killing of Jewish people by an American since FDR turned away refugee ships before Word War II, Trump went immediately back to his bund-style rallies.

But not before he recommended, “tightening up” the death penalty, as he did when he took out a full-page ad in the New York Times advocating the death penalty for the Central Park Five who were subsequently found innocent. Trump is a person who knows where the wellspring of his support comes from — bigots, women-haters, ignoramuses, frustrated low-education white people — and he truly doesn’t care how the rest of us feel.

His other dopey recommendation, armed guards in Jewish temples, is because he has no intentions of stopping his anti-Semitic Nazi-loving comments and re-tweets from Pepe the Frog to “globalists” (a euphemism for Jews). We can expect more violence.

The stunning absence of effective leadership from the Democrats has made the Republican dope-baiting all the more effective. The midterm elections are too close to call, with momentum favoring the bigots, racists and sexists who will tell you penniless families fleeing drug cartel violence (instigated by the apparently bottomless demand for meth from white addicts) are more of a threat than Republican-inspired white men with high-capacity magazines and military-style weapons.

We are treated to almost nonsensical word jumble from Senator Ben Sassa and suddenly-had-to-be-retracted anti-Semitic tweets from House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy. But this hate is more effective than the tiny-minded don’t-want-to-offend-any-swing-voter statements coming from the potential speaker, Nancy Pelosi.

The script is flipped on corporate America, however. Amplifying the fact that Trump lost by three million popular votes in an election where 10 percent fewer Democrats voted than 2012. Steve Phillips discusses in his book “Brown is the New White” the changing demographics of America, which makes Trump support a true detriment to recruitment and retention.

If you haven’t heard about ESG (Environment, Social, Governance), you should read up. In the words of a senior Wall Street banker I spoke with last week, “it’s part of every deal we touch.”

What can we do Vote. Support companies that reflect your values. And someone please get the entire senior leadership of the Democratic Party to retire. We deserve better.

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