Trump Amps Up Attacks on Black Women, Calls Crazy Maxine Waters Corrupt

President Trump’s administration has a habit of disrespecting Black women, and Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) is no stranger to personal hatred from the president himself.

In an early morning tweet, Trump took those attacks even further.

Trump, of course, gave no basis for calling Waters corrupt.”

The most recent battle between the two started when Trump accused Waters of telling her supporters to harass Trump’s base. This led her fellow Democrats, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, to turn against her, too.

Trump, meanwhile, continued his attack on Waters’ political party.

On Sunday, before Trump’s latest Twitter rant, Waters said on MSNBC that it will take more than Trump’s bullying tactics to stop her.

I was blessed with courage. And I was blessed with the kind of strength that does not allow me to be intimidated by the likes of Donald Trump,” she said.

So I am prepared for him,” she continued. Again, I’m not intimidated by him. I think he does not deserve to be the president of the United States and I simply stand up to him. And so he’ll keep doing that as he has done throughout his limited career of his.”

Let him call me whatever he wants to call me,” Waters added. Let him say whatever he wants to say. He will not stop me. He cannot cause me to shut down.”

And in reference to backlash from Pelosi and Schumer Waters isn’t focused on them, either. She’s turning her attention to the issues at hand such as the children being separated from their parents at the border and being held in detention centers.

You know, I was surprised that Chuck Schumer, you know, reached into the other house to do that,” she said on MSNBC. I’ve not quite seen that done before. But one of the things I recognize, being an elected official, is in the final analysis, you know, leadership like Chuck Schumer’s will do anything that they think is necessary to protect their leadership. And so what I have to do is not focus on them. I’ve got to keep the focus on the children and the fact that this administration is endangering children in the worst kind of way.”

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