Trump Adviser Fired Following Discovery of Racist Facebook Posts

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has been consistently linked to racially-charged comments from Trump himself and those closest to him. Now, this past weekend, Sam Nunberg, a former communications adviser to the Trump campaign, was fired after a string of racist Facebook posts were found on his profile.

Campaign manager Corey Lewandowski announced in a statement, “Effective immediately, low level part-time consultant, Sam Nunberg is no longer associated with the Donald J. Trump for President campaign.”

The posts in question, many of which contained grammatical errors and misspellings, targeted President Obama as well as Rev. Al Sharpton’s daughter. In January of 2009, just days before President Obama’s inauguration, Nunberg wrote, “[Sam Nunberg] wants everyone to know that there are still tickets available for the Hip Hop Inaugral Ball G-D help us!” The following month, he called the president a “Socialist Marxist Islamo Fascist Nazi Appeaser.”

In August of 2007, he wrote a post in which he called Rev. Sharpton’s daughter the N-word.

A spokesperson for Trump’s campaign referred to Nunberg as “just a short-term consultant with the campaign along with many others” and insisted that he “has not been a senior person on the campaign.” Despite these claims, though, Business Insider reported that Nunberg was one of just eight people who appeared as a paid worker in the campaign’s financial disclosures.

Nunberg’s alleged status as a “low-level staffer” also seems less believable when looking at his history with Trump’s campaign. In 2014, Nunberg was fired following the publication of a Buzzfeed story that made fun of Trump, which Nunberg had said portrayed Trump in a positive light. The campaign eventually decided to rehire him.

This time around, Nunberg insisted, “I’m shocked and I don’t recall [the posts],” emphasizing “I have a long record of working with diverse people.”

However, Nunberg’s “long history” shows nothing other than an additional slew of provocative Facebook postings, also targeting former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Sen. John McCain and possibly even Trump himself.

The spokesperson for the campaign also said, “Mr. Trump would never condone such statements from anybody in his campaign.” This proves questionable when looking at the other recent comments made by members of Trump’s inner circle who have not lost their jobs (including Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen, who recently argued there is no such thing as marital rape, as well as Trump himself, given the racist comments he’s made recently.)

Looking at some of the other targets of the posts provide some possible insight into other reasons why the campaign decided to let go of Nunberg, though. For one, Giuliani has publically supported Trump throughout his campaign, referring to him as a close friend despite the recent scandals surrounding Trump. And while Trump himself has attacked McCain recently, the nature of Nunberg’s post also takes a jab at Trump: according to Nunberg, McCain was, at 72, too old to run for president and instead should have been in a “community bingo [room]”; meanwhile, at age 69, Trump is not far behind. And Nunberg also defended former Miss USA California Carrie Prejean (who was stripped of her title by Trump following a nude photo scandal), saying, “Carrie Prejean doesn’t need Trumps CA crown to be the real Miss America!” Unlike the comments about Mexican immigrants being rapists and the nonexistence of spousal rape, to have someone so closely linked to Trump be caught making these comments embarrasses Trump personally.

According to Nunberg, he is “not adept at social media.” However, according to Rev. Sharpton, this excuse, like all the others, falls flat given his position in such a high-profile job.

“That is ugly and repugnant for anyone to have access to the front-runner as a paid employee that has these kinds of sentiments and has them so arrogantly that they would place them on their Facebook page,” said Sharpton.

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