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Parents' Group Threatens 12-Year-Old Transgender Girl

“If he wants to be a female, make him a female. A good sharp knife will do the job really quick.”

This is just one disturbing post hitting Facebook this week after a 12-year old transgender girl used the girl’s bathroom at Achille Independent Middle School in Oklahoma.

For the past two years, Maddie has been using a staff bathroom, but, this year, moved to a new school building. And when she didn’t know where the staff restroom was on the first day of school, she used the girls’ bathroom.

While in the bathroom, Maddie was accused by another student of peeping under a stall.

“My daughter leans very far forward to use the bathroom,” her mother, Brandy Rose, told KXII-TV. “I can understand why someone seeing her lean forward would think, ‘Oh my gosh, she’s trying to look under.'”

As a result of the accusation, some parents at the school took to a private Facebook group to bash Maddie calling her a “half-baked maggot,” and said she should be stabbed. One parent went so far as to suggest it was open hunting season for transgender people.

“That’s a threat against her lifethat’s scary,” Rose said. “These are adults making threats I don’t understand it.”

The school called off classes Monday and Tuesday of this week, in response to the threats against Maddie. Classes resumed on Wednesday.

Other parents chimed in “Heads up parents of 5th thru 7th grade girls, the transgender is already using the girls’ bathroom. We have been told how the school has gone above and beyond to make sure he has his own restroom yet he is still using the girls. REALLYLooks like it’s gonna be a long year.”

It even got to the point where her mother and father’s parenting ability came under attack. “Why are parents letting their kids be transgender” posted one person.

The parents of Maddie have filed a protective order against one parent but no other arrests have been made.

“She’s an awesome kid. To see any fear in her, I can’t explain how bad that hurts me for them to hurt her,” said Maddie’s mom. She described how her usually upbeat and positive daughter is afraid for her life.

The authorities are currently investigating this as a hate crime.

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