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Kaiser Permanente continues its well-deserved leadership position, making the Top 10 for the seventh year in a row and moving up two spots.

The healthcare organization fosters a diverse culture, anchored by inclusive leadership, to further its mission and business strategy. The commitment to diversity and inclusion starts at the top with Chairman and CEO Bernard J. Tyson, who places a priority on creating a diverse and inclusive environmentat all levels of the organization that encourages employees to reach their full potential, while continually providing the high level of care people expect from Kaiser Permanente.

Senior Vice President and Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer Ronald Copeland, M.D., F.A.C.S., leads Kaiser Permanente’s efforts to further create and sustain cross-cultural competency, reduce health disparities, advance the workforce diversity agenda, grow the supplier diversity program and achieve market growth across diverse populations.

Kaiser Permanente serves a vastly multilingual population, with its members speaking more than 150 languages. Cultural competence is foundational to delivering care that is patient- and family-centered, safe and equitable. Kaiser Permanente’s ability to understand and respond to a variety of cultural needs enables and empowers members to foster meaningful connections and effective communication with their healthcare teams.


Bernard J. Tyson

Chairman and CEO

“Kaiser Permanente has been a champion of diversity since our organization was founded 70 years ago, and that commitment continues today. The rich diversity of our organization not only reflects the diversity of the people we serve every day, it also plays a critical role in ensuring that we are delivering on our mission to provide high quality and affordable health care and improving the health and well-being of our members and the communities we serve.”

Dr. Ronald Copeland

Senior Vice President, National Diversity and Inclusion Strategy and Policy and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer

“The times demand that we strengthen our enduring commitment to inclusion and amplify our leadership voice in order to inspire a nation to secure healthcare affordability and equity for all communities.”


U.S. Headquarters:Oakland, Calif.

U.S. Employees:175,489


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