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'Today' Ratings Rise Without Megyn Kelly


Almost a month after Megyn Kelly was fired from NBC, ratings for the third hour of NBC’s “Today” show are up nearly 10 percent.

“Today” show ratings have a tendency to rise when a major event takes place at the network. For example, after Matt Lauer’s termination last year over sexual misconduct allegations, ratings soared.

It looks like the “Today” show viewership is on the upswing. For the past three weeks, the overall ratings for the first two hours of the NBC morning program is larger than rival network ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

“Megyn Kelly Today” never really got off the ground and the morning show’s ratings dropped after she took the job as head of the network’s long-running program. She simply wasn’t well-received by fans. “Megyn Kelly Today” was canceled two days after a discussion about what was acceptable to wear for Halloween costumes. She haughtily recalled that it was acceptable when she was a kid to wear whiteface or blackface “as long as you were dressing like a character.”

The “Today” show is a four-hour morning program but the third hour is now hosted by a rotating group of “Today” anchors. Even “Today” show favorite, Al Roker, has played a major role in the revamped time period.

It appears that the decision to boot Kelly is paying off for NBC and its viewers.


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