TIAA’s Intern Program Goes Virtual

Press release via Lauren Post, Senior Director, PR & Corporate Communications, TIAA. 

TIAA’s 10 week internship program is going forward for the full 10 weeks in a fully virtual format. This program will welcome more than 200 interns in support of nine business lines along with 73 rotational associates (recent college grads) joining six program tracks.

In order to make sure the program is meaningful and engaging for the interns, the TIAA Talent Acquisition team has created a multi-dimensional execution strategy that includes a multi-day on-boarding experience to help provide interns with an educational experience along with immersion into the culture and business of TIAA. The program has been intentionally structured to create connection and interactions among the groups of interns and rotational associates. They will be broken into cross-functional teams that are created intentionally to create exposure to different interns/associates from the across the company. The teams will be tasked with a complex Enterprise Innovation Challenge that continues to evolve over the 10 week period. In addition to their on-going work, there will be speaker events with members of the TIAA leadership team, past intern panels, and other opportunities to interact with people across TIAA, TIAA Bank and Nuveen.

“Early talent is a key area for us when we think about the workforce of the future,” says Angie Wesley, head of talent acquisition at TIAA. “These are folks that we want to work for us one day, so it was important to keep that program intact.”

To ensure managers are prepared to manage this group virtually, we are holding manager training sessions and clear articulation of milestones, goals and expectations of the program. Technology will be instrumental to the implementation and on-going communication with , so we’ll be utilizing a number of different platforms such as a mobile app, for polling, contests and live Q&A sessions.


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