TIAA Honors Employees Making a Difference During COVID-19

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For TIAA associates, serving others with passion and purpose is more than a full-time job. Meet the Difference Makers who are going above and beyond, contributing to their communities and helping those in need.


Sachin Patel, TIAA Bank Business Analyst

Creating small toys on his 3D printer had been a great way for Sachin Patel to entertain his young twins at their home in Jacksonville, Fla. This hobby took a much more practical turn when Sachin heard his wife, a nurse practitioner, express concerns about shortages of protective gear at her work due to COVID-19. He knew he wanted to help and promptly drew on his experience to create fully functional face shields for his wife’s co-workers.

Each face shield consists of three parts: an elastic band; the clear plastic face shield; and the head gear, which Sachin makes on his 3D printer. It takes about 90 minutes for the printer to create the head gear, and then he assembles the three pieces so they’re ready to use.

“I shared something on Facebook and quickly realized how many people are in need,” Sachin says. Requests started coming in, and he began distributing face shields locally, as well as mailing them across the country.

While his information technology job at TIAA Bank and his twins continue to keep him busy, Sachin has found time to provide about 350 shields and more than a thousand “ear saver,” straps that help hold surgical masks in place.

“I’m glad to be able to help in my non-medical, nerdy way,” he says.


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