TIAA Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

At TIAA (No. 27 on the DiversityInc Top 50 Companies list), diversity and inclusion is part of the company’s culture, engrained into its expectations, and set high in its priorities. Hispanic Heritage Month is one of the many opportunities to acknowledge and celebrate its Hispanic and Latino employees and customers. UNITE, the TIAA Latino/Hispanic heritage employee resource group’s (ERG), mission is to elevate the success of the company and its employees by providing recognition, development, and networking opportunities.

For Hispanic Heritage Month, the group plans to spread the education and awareness of the culture, as well as advance the development of our Latino/Hispanic employees in the workforce, which in turn expands TIAA’s reach and learning to support our diverse client segments, including Hispanics/Latinos.

Below is a list of some of the events TIAA’s UNITE ERG will host for Hispanic Heritage Month:

  • Hispanic/Latino Life Insurance Awareness – UNITE National Event: Sept. 19 Moderated interactive seminar with TIAA Life Product Partners to discuss the benefits and unique needs of life insurance for the Hispanic/Latino population.
  • Charlotte Mecklenburg School System Tutoring Partnership Program Kickoff UNITE Charlotte Volunteer Event: Sept. 21 Community DevelopmentProgram Kickoff with CLT School District for the inaugural in-person reading tutoring partnership with local elementary school.
  • History of Hispanics/Latino in the United States TIAA National Event: Sept. 26 National Cultural Engagement Speaker (Lehman College Professor Perez) providing insights on Hispanic History in the U.S.
  • National Caf UNITE UNITE National Event: Oct. 9 Peer Networking opportunity for UNITE Members
  • Power of One Speaker Series TIAA National Event: Oct. 13 Signature National HHM Event: Guest Speaker Dr. Cynthia Matson (HAC). (Topic TBD)
  • TIAA Talent Center Overview UNITE National Event: Oct. 26 National Virtual Professional Development Event; Overview of available tools in Talent Center.

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