No. 25 | The Hershey Company


  • Hershey is one of two Fortune 500 companies with a female Chief Executive Officer and a female Chief Financial Officer. Hershey also has peer leading gender representation at the highest levels of management. In 2018, Hershey had 45 percent female representation on its board of directors and 44 percent female representation on its Executive Committee. Executive Committee roles of General Counsel and Corporate Secretary and Chief Growth Officer were held by women in 2018.
  • The company added additional members to its executive diversity council who represent the most critical functions in the organization. The group now extends beyond its Executive Committee leaders and is committed to continue to advance Hershey’s diversity and inclusion strategy.
  • In the local community, Hershey mentors socially disadvantaged youth attending the Milton Hershey School, Derry Township School Districts, Dauphin County Technical School and Harrisburg School Districts to pay forward its founder’s legacy.


Hershey’s diverse approach to hiring makes a difference. In 2018, the company was a global leader on gender representation, with women occupying many of the top positions in the company – including CEO, CFO, and Chief Growth Officer – and throughout the company at 50 percent. Additionally, 45 percent of its Board of Directors are women.

Hershey works to ensure a level playing field for all employees regardless of their backgrounds. Its eight employee-led Business Resource Groups (BRGs), which include Abilities First, African American, Asian, GenH (Generations), Latino, Prism (LGBTQ), Veteran’s and Women’s, play an important role in helping to attract and retain people from different communities, providing marketing insights and connecting people within the company.



Michele Buck
President & CEO

“We believe – and prove – that you can be a fierce competitor in the marketplace while operating in a compassionate way with teams of people who value inclusion and care for one another. My belief is that employees with differing backgrounds help us remain culturally relevant with consumers.”


Alicia Petross
Senior Director Global Diversity, Inclusion, and Engagement

“Our diverse workforce and inclusive climate are key to our ability to create more moments of goodness for our employees, consumers, customers, and communities.”



U.S. Headquarters: Hershey, Pa.

Global Employees: 16,000

2018 DiversityInc Top 50 Ranking: No. 33


  • No. 7 Diverse Leadership
  • No. 11 Executive Women
  • No. 11 People with Disabilities
  • No. 12 Veterans
  • No. 14 Employee Resource Groups
  • No. 15 Philanthropy
  • No. 19 Executive Diversity Council
  • LGBT Employees