The Difference Between Mentoring, Coaching and Sponsorship

Mentoring, coaching and sponsorshipthey’re three terms that have become buzzwords about talent development in corporate America. But what exactly is the difference between them More importantly, how do you know which one you needand can you have more than one

The Difference Between Mentoring, Coaching and Sponsorship provides answers to these valuable questions that every professional should know, from entry-level staffers to the top executive ranks. It tells you tips on how to find the best mentors, coaches and sponsors.

The article serves as a primer, giving readers an easy-to-understand definition of mentoring, coaching and sponsorship. Readers will discover:

  • The difference between someone who talks with you, talks to you and talks about you
  • Why the cross-cultural component of all three is critical to promotion rates and valuable to senior executives serving as mentors
  • Why networking is important and how to make it fit into the overall talent-development model
  • Why having more than one mentor, coach and sponsor make you career-savvy

For more best practices on mentoring and talent development, read Mentoring Roundtable: How Mentoring Improves Retention, Engagement & Promotions and Increasing Diversity in Talent Development.

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