Tennessee Prosecutor Craig Northcott Caught on Tape Saying He Doesn’t Defend Gay Domestic Violence Victims

Coffee County, Tenn., prosecutor Craig Northcott is in a recently discovered video that shows him bragging that, if gay people in his district end up being victims of domestic violence, they should not expect him to use the state’s domestic violence laws to protect them, according to WTVF.

Northcott has also said that Muslims don’t have any constitutional rights and he’s the special prosecutor reviewing whether House Speaker Glenn Casada’s office tried to set up a Black activist.

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The video comes from a Bible conference posted by Dean Bible Ministries in a segment titled “The Local Church’s Role in Government”.

Northcott then goes on to basically say he doesn’t give a rip about the important separation of church and state.

Northcott says in the video that he believes the Bible calls public officials to be ministers of the Gospel. When someone asked him his opinion on same-sex marriage, he said the nation is being ruled by “five people in black dresses.”

That’s when things really got ugly and homophobic and Northcott said that punishing domestic violence is only in the law to “protect the sanctity of marriage”.

“So the social engineers on the Supreme Court decided that we now have a homosexual marriage. I disagree with them. What do I do with domestic assaults?” Northcott said. “The reason that there’s enhanced punishment on domestic violence is to recognize and protect the sanctity of marriage. And I said there’s no marriage to protect. So I don’t prosecute them as domestics.”

Northcott prosecutes those cases as regular assaults, he said. This is obviously incorrect if you’re a prosecutor who actually follows the law – Tennessee’s domestic violence laws have nothing to do with marriage. They protect both the married and the unmarried, regardless of orientation.


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