Archived: Teacher Compares School to 'Concentration Camp'

By Julissa Catalan

A high-school biology teacher might soon find himself out of a job following an anti-public-school article he wrote in which he refers to his school as a “concentration camp.”

The article by Ray Fournier, titled “From Behind Enemy Lines: Public School Teacher Says, ‘Get Your Children Out!'” was published in The Old Schoolhouse magazine and promotes his book Education Reformation.

Fournierwho teaches at Fuquay-Varina High School in North Carolinadoes not mention the school by name, but does call it a “concentration camp dedicated to the spiritual death of those imprisoned behind these walls.”

The biology teacher also refers to himself as “a missionary masquerading as one of the ‘guards’ an eyewitness to the daily indoctrination and spiritual torture that is inflicted upon those who have been sentenced to come here by their own well-meaning parents.”

Fournier has been a public-school teacher for 13 years, and he believes that the public-school system is intentionally programming children to reject religion by not implementing Christianity into its curriculum.

“This deliberate indoctrination encourages students to break each and every one of the Ten Commandments,” he says, which leads “countless numbers of our own children down the broad road to spiritual destruction.”

Fournier goes on to say that “evolution-based science classes,” like the one he teaches at Fuquay-Varina High School, “discredit the reliability of the Bible and get rid of God as Creator.”

“History classes,” he adds, “get rid of God as Sovereign King and demonize Christianity. English classes reinforce this message through the literature they assign their students to read.”

He went on to reference the family of a girl from the community, saying the daughter came out as a lesbian after one year of being in public school.

“I warned them about the spiritual dangers of public education, but sadly they ignored my warning,” Fournier wrote. “It was as if their daughters where placed inside a spiritual gas chamber. It didn’t take long for the poison to take effect. Within a year’s time, one of them even became a lesbian. My heart broke each and every time I saw her walk around campus with her girlfriend.”

Following the media attention and community backlash, Fournier apologized, saying, “In retrospect, it was not wise for me to use the analogy of concentration camps and the Holocaust to illustrate the loss of millions of children from Christian homes to the world.”

While a spokesperson for the Wake County Public School System told ABC 11 that the school district is standing by the teacher during the investigation, many in the Fuquay-Varina community are calling for him to resign or for the school to fire him.

Watch the trailer for Fournier’s book Education Reformation here:

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