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  • From 2016 to 2018, Target increased its supplier diversity by 64.4%. The company’s 2019–2021 commitments include increasing supplier diversity even further.
  • Diversity on all levels of the company is an important focus. Forty-six percent of executives/senior officials and managers are female.
  • Target took major strides to protect their hourly employees working in stores — including providing non-surgical face masks and gloves to wear on the job.

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We are focused on nurturing a diverse workforce with equitable access to hiring, development and advancement. Diverse team members comprise nearly 50 percent of our U.S. workforce. Target also stands tall on advancing women in the workforce. Women comprise more than 50 percent of our U.S. management and lead almost half of our 1,800 stores. We also have a deep focus on bringing more women into business areas like technology and supply chain. And the gender diversity within our leadership team and board of directors is something we are proud of and work hard to protect and advance.
Supplier Diversity:
Through our entrepreneurial accelerator programs, supplier diversity mentoring, and diversity-focused vendor fairs, we are providing access to resources, knowledge and markets to help grow their capacity and amplify their contributions to our business and communities.

Company Facts

  • 329,530 global employees