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Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.), the only Black Republican in the Senate, opposed President Trump's nomination of Thomas Farr to become a federal judge, on Thursday, ending his chances of confirmation. Trump's choice — an attorney who has supported voter suppression targeting Blacks — caused Scott to defy the leader of his party's wishes.

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Pro-Trump Trolls Falsely Tell Minorities They Can Text Their Vote

Accounts posting bogus ads with Hillary Clinton's logo and a number to "vote from home" targeted minority voters — even featuring one in Spanish.

Trump supporters are once again using social media in an attempt to disenfranchise minority voters.

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Gov. Mike Pence Accused of Voter Suppression

Nearly 45,000 people, mostly African Americans, may not be able to vote in Indiana on Election Day.

Indiana Gov. and Republican Vice Presidential Nominee Mike Pence. REUTERS

A progressive advocacy group is accusing Indiana Gov. and Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence of voter suppression after police launched an investigation into numerous cases of "voter fraud."

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Trump Supporters Intend to Intimidate Minority Voters at Polls

"Election observers" openly say they will racially profile "people who can't speak American … to make them a little bit nervous."

The more Trump sees his chances of victory in November slipping away, the louder and more frequently he tells his supporters that the election is "rigged" and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton will steal the presidency with the help of "illegals," "international bankers" (a dog whistle referring to Jews) and "the inner cities."

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Trump Suggests Voter Intimidation, Again

Trump once again told supporters to "watch" voters in "certain areas" and offers a section on his website for poll watchers to sign up.

Over the weekend at a rally in Manheim, Pennsylvania, Trump once again encouraged his supporters to "watch" voters at the polls in "certain areas."

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Trump Stokes Fears of Voter Fraud, Calls on Supporters to Watch 'Others'

"Go down to certain areas and watch and study, make sure other people don't come in and vote five times."

In a not-so-veiled call to intimidate minority voters, Trump on Friday told supporters they must become "observers" in "certain areas" and watch for "other people" who show up to the polls on Election Day.

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