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Black Women Journalists, Politicians Receive Abusive Tweets More Often Than White Women: Study

An Amnesty International study calls Twitter a toxic place for women, especially Black women.

A new study of millions of tweets received by 778 journalists and politicians from the U.K. and U.S. in 2017 found that rampant abuse toward women occurs on Twitter. At least 1.1 million abusive tweets were sent to the women in the study throughout the year. Women are sent abusive content on Twitter every 30 seconds on average.

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McDonald's Manager Kicks Black Teens Out After Racist Allegedly Threatens Them With a Gun

"I don't give a f**k, get out of my store now," the manager told the teens.

Screenshot via Tweeter of alleged gunman

UPDATE: Nov. 23, 2018 at 1:27 p.m.

Man Who Pulled Gun on Black Muslim Teens in McDonald's Arrested

ORIGINAL STORY Published Nov. 21, 2018

What started out as an ordinary trip to a Minnesota McDonald's ended up with a racist pulling a gun on a group of Somali-American teens and a manager yelling for the the group to get out, despite their lives being at risk.

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#MAGABomber Threatened Former House Democratic Staffer, Twitter Ignored Her Concerns

Rochelle Ritchie's life was threatened in a tweet by Cesar Sayoc.

Two weeks prior to #MAGABomber Cesar Sayoc's arrest for mailing pipe bombs to political figures across the country, he threatened political commentator Rochelle Ritchie on Twitter. She reported the menacing tweets and Twitter, apparently, had no issues with the threat on her life.

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Trump Slanders Another Black Woman Politician

Trump blames D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser's leadership for his military parade being cancelled. She gives him a dose of reality.


President Trump took to Twitter on Friday to announce that the large-scale military parade he wanted this year has been cancelled. Trump blamed local officials who "poorly" run Washington, D.C., for inflating the costs. The city is led Mayor Muriel E. Bowser, a Black woman, and she called Trump out on his inaccuracies.

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Fox News Slammed for Confusing Aretha Franklin and Patti LaBelle in Botched Tribute

"It's probably hard for anyone who works at Fox News to tell Black people apart because they've never worked with any."


Fox News attempted to pay tribute to icon Aretha Franklin, who passed away Thursday at age 76, but the network failed.

In a video tribute, viewers noticed that a graphic around the 3-minute 30-second mark had a glaring error, which anyone who understood and appreciated Black culture would have recognized.

The picture of Franklin alongside the text "1942-2018" is accurate. However, the picture in the upper right corner of a woman singing is actually Patti LaBelle.

Fox News issued a statement of apology:

"We sincerely apologize to Aretha Franklin's family and friends. Our intention was to honor the icon using a secondary image of her performing with Patti LaBelle in the full screen graphic, but the image of Ms. Franklin was obscured in that process, which we deeply regret."

However, the image in question was taken during LaBelle's 2014 performance of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" for former President Barack Obama. Franklin was present at the event, but she did not perform with LaBelle.

Fox News is incorrect, again.

Twitter users, celebrities included, threw down the hammer at the network:

Trump Tries to Belittle LeBron James with Hateful Tweet, Social Media Users Defend the NBA Star and Philanthropist

"What responsible and right-thinking adult can point to Donald Trump as a role model for our youth?" Former CIA Director John O. Brennan said, in a tweet.

The president of the United States has again taken to Twitter to try and demean anyone who disagrees with his policies and practices. This time, his target was NBA superstar LeBron James, who recently addressed Trump's influence on sports.

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#FoulFreddy Calls Cops After Being Fouled During Basketball Game

Like the 911 call from BBQ Becky, another documented instance where police are called to the scene for no valid reason.

Move over BBQ Becky, Pool Patrol Paula and Permit Patty; there's now Foul Freddy.

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Wife of New Trump Communications Boss is a Virulent Racist

Bill Shine, fired Fox News co-president of misogyny, upstaged by his ignoramus spouse.

Darla Shine's racist beliefs filled her Twitter page, which she deleted as soon as the White House announced that her husband, Bill Shine, was officially joining the Trump administration as assistant to the president and deputy chief of staff for communications.

Shine's racist statements dating back to 2015 included questioning why white people would be labeled racist for using the N-word and mocking African nations and Black hair.

On Friday, Mediate published a report with screenshots obtained from her Twitter account, @darlashine, before it was deleted.

In January, in defense of President Donald Trump's sh**hole comment about African nations, she tweeted a racist meme making fun of the progress of African nations when compared to Europe:

She mocked the hairstyles of Black women:

"If white chicks can't perm their hair – Black chicks can't go blonde."

She bashed NBA players LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony, who spoke out about police-related shootings during the ESPY awards in 2016.

"Comical to see these over paid Black sports stars give Black Lives Matter speech at ESPYs."

She constantly voiced her opinion against the Black Lives Matter movement:

"Imagine the protests if three white teens murdered a Black woman #AmandaBlackburn Only Black Lives Matter I guess," said a tweet about the fatal 2015 shooting of Amanda Blackburn in Indianapolis.

"The new stand-in President at #mizzou is Black. Will every white College President have to be replaced," she said a 2015 tweet.

Shine had a problem with Black people being able to say the N-word while she and other white people can't.

"Funny how critics calling to ban Gone With the Wind, Jefferson Memorial, but no talk of banning the N-word or Rap songs with N-word in it."

"Just singing to one of my jams 'Golddigger' by Kanye West when I realized If I sing along to the verse 'Broke Ni**er' I might be a racist," tweeted Shine in July 2015 (West's song does not include a hard R version of the slur).

"At FSU u can punch a girl in the face & only get kicked off football team but sing a song with the N word in it & you're expelled at Oklahoma," said a 2015 tweet.

"Rebel Flag off State Buildings in SC but cop killer rap songs, songs about rape, and songs with N word continue to play on the radio."

Shine linked Black children with an anti-vaccination conspiracy theory:

"1 out of 10 Black boys has autism," said a February 2016 tweet.

In addition to Shine consistently bashing Black people over the years, she has made some disparaging posts about Muslims. She said the following in regard to ABC firing Roseanne Barr over her racist tweet directed at Valerie Jarrett:

"Wondering what it was that set off the #ABC execs the #Ape comment or really the #MuslimBrotherhood comment," she said a tweet in May.

Prior to working at the White House, Shine's husband was a Fox News co-president who resigned from the network in May 2017 following Bill O'Reilly and Roger Ailes sexual harassment allegations. Apparently, at the same time Bill Shine was at a network where "institutional racism blunts efforts to attract a more multicultural audience," Darla Shine, a former television producer and author of a book called "Happy Housewives," was spreading the same type of racism on social media.

In regard to Darla Shine's social media history, the White House has not responded to requests from media for comment.

Did the CEO of Harley-Davidson Really Call Trump a 'Moron?'

There's a quote circulating social media attributed to Matthew Levatich responding to Trump's threat.


President Donald Trump used Twitter to personally threaten Milwaukee-based motorcycle maker Harley-Davidson with higher taxes if the company takes its manufacturing overseas.

Being threatened by the president of the United States for a common and legal business practice is certainly unprecedented. It might even warrant an unprecedented response, like Harley-Davidson's CEO Matthew Levatich calling the president a moron. But did he?

The company said Monday that it would build motorcycles overseas because of the European Union (EU) retaliatory tariffs against the Trump administration's duties on steel and aluminum from the EU, Mexico and Canada.

The EU raised the tariffs on motorcycles by 25 percent — from 6 percent to 31 percent. Harley-Davidson said the tariffs would "raise the cost of bikes shipped to Europe by as much as $2,200 each and reduce profits by up to $100 million annually," according to Market Watch.

In a tweet posted on Tuesday, Trump threatened Harley-Davidson with higher taxes and said the company would endure public backlash.

The same day, a tweet began to widely circulate on Twitter with the following quote attributed to Levatich:

"Our decision to move some of our operations is 100 percent based on President Trumps tariffs. Mr. Trump knows nothing about economics and even less about trade. The man is a moron."

A Twitter user named Judy Tinselman, using the handle @tinsleman, posted the tweet. The account was created this month, has 463 followers and only follows one person.

Some social media users have said that the account spreads fake news:

In April, Levatich announced the company's "Plan B" would involve moving part of the production to Thailand and closing down the Missouri plant, which was a result of Trump pulling out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

So far, there hasn't been a confirmed public statement from Levatich on Trump's tweet.

'Shoot Them All at the Border,' Says White DMV Worker in Racist Facebook Post on Immigrants

The Oregon Department of Transportation has received phone calls from people around the world demanding the firing of Lori McAllen.

The Oregon Department of Transportation (DOT) is internationally under fire as a DMV employee's racist comment on Facebook calling for immigrants who arrive at the U.S. border to be shot has gone viral.

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Trump Official Calls April Ryan 'Miss Piggy'

Lynne Patton attempted to belittle Ryan for discussing the recent death threats against the journalist.

Lynne Patton, a United States Housing and Urban Development official / REUTERS

Lynne Patton, former aide to Eric Trump turned United States Housing and Urban Development (HUD) official, has followed the lead of President Donald Trump in using Twitter to bash people — especially journalists. Patton instigated a Twitter feud with veteran journalist April Ryan, calling her "Miss Piggy."

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The Weeknd, 'Deeply Offended' by 'Coolest Monkey' Ad, Severs Ties with H&M

Other celebrities are also criticizing the retailer, including LeBron James, who said, "We as African Americans will always have to break barriers."

The Weeknd / INSTAGRAM

The fallout from H&M's racist advertisement on the global company's U.K. website featuring a Black boy wearing a green hoodie with the phrase "Coolest Monkey in the Jungle" continues with Grammy Award-winning artist The Weeknd tweeting to his more than 8 million followers that he will no longer work with the brand.

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