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MeToo: Google Employees Walked Out By the Thousands

Outrage over Andy Rubin's $90 million payout questioned company core values and diversity.


A recent New York Times report that said Google gave millions of dollars to some executives, like Andy Rubin ($90 million) in secret exit packages after they were accused of sexual misconduct.

The report sparked outrage among employees who organized via social media and yesterday walked out of offices around the world by the thousands.

Zurich, Dublin, Singapore, London and Hyderabad, India, and multiple U.S offices participated in the Google Walkout For Real Change.

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Tracee Ellis Ross Clarifies 'Black-ish' Pay Negotiations Amid Rumor

The show "allows me to reshape what it is to be a fully recognized Black woman on TV," Ross wrote.

Tracee Ellis Ross had to take to Twitter to set the record straight about her pay negotiations, but also confirmed her support for equal pay in Hollywood.

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Golden Globes: A Stunning Lack of Gender and Ethnic Diversity

Oprah says, "A new day is on the horizon," but results show that horizon may be on Mars.


The 2018 Golden Globes Awards placed a huge focus on sexual harassment awareness taking the entertainment industry by storm. But diversity once again took the backseat as nearly all white winners accepted awards.

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Sexual Harassment Protest Planned for Golden Globe Awards

"TIME'S UP" pins to be worn by a diverse group of actors.


This year's most fashionable look at the Golden Globe Awards will not be from the runway.

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Time's Up on Sexual Assault Against All Women

Some of Hollywood's most notable women are standing in solidarity with and providing legal support for working-class women.

Kerry Washington, Natalie Portman, Eva Longoria and America Ferrera / REUTERS

A group of Hollywood's most notable women on Monday unveiled Time's Up, a new initiative to help working-class women fight back against sexual assault.

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