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Archived: Twitter Joins Tech Peers in Showing Lack of Diversity

By Julissa Catalan On Wednesday, Twitter became the latest tech-industry giant to release its workforce diversity stats to the public in a blog post headlined “Building a Twitter we can be proud of.” Following in the footsteps of its Silicon Valley brethren, Twitter announced that a majority of its U.S….

Archived: Apple Releases New EmojiStill No Diversity

By Chris Hoenig Want to give someone a middle finger over your phone You’ll soon be able to do that. Eating a hot pepper You’ll soon be able to share that with the world. Are you a Black person who wants to send an emoji representing yourself Still not happening….

Archived: Google Admits Lack of Diversity in Newly Released Report

By Julissa Catalan On Wednesday, Google released data that confirmed the extreme employment disparity within the tech company, not only racially but between genders as well. While the gender data is based on Google’s 46,170 worldwide employees, the ethnicity data only documents the U.S. workers. The workforce demographics show that…

Archived: Female Exodus From Tech Jobs a Global Problem

By Barbara Frankel “It’s getting harder and harder to find qualified tech womenthey are so in demand,” says Debbie Storey, Senior Vice President of Talent Development and Chief Diversity Officer at AT&T, No. 13 in the 2013 DiversityInc Top 50 Companies for Diversity. AT&T is not alone. A recent report…