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TD Bank Employee Gets Personal about Veterans and Mental Health

Anna Kelley, a Project Manager at TD Bank—and U.S. Air Force veteran—gets real about her service, her mental health challenges and why it's so important for companies to actively recruit veterans.

Originally Published by TD Bank.

My military service has had a significant impact on my career path. When I started working for TD, I began to understand how the skill sets I developed and learned in the military transferred over to many different roles within the Bank. What I learned in the military has helped me be able to work side by side with many people in different LOBs , drive work progress forward, and provide a high quality output of work, while never compromising my integrity. The military also prepared me to step up as a leader when necessary, but also have no problem being a team player and taking orders to get tasks completed.
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TD Bank: Expands Urban Citizen Canopy Program with TreePhilly

"Tree benefits go far beyond beautification, they bring cooling shade and improve air quality. TD, through TreePhilly ,TD Tree Days and other environmental initiatives is on track to plant one million trees by 2030."

Originally Published by TD Bank.

TD Bank announced an expanded partnership with TreePhilly, a program of Philadelphia Parks & Recreation alongside Fairmount Park Conservancy, that helps Philadelphia residents access resources to plant and care for trees on both public and private property throughout the city. To date, TreePhilly has exclusively focused on the 'citizen canopy' through its distribution of free private yard trees. Since 2012, TreePhilly has distributed 21,500 yard trees at 184 giveaway events across the city.

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TD Bank: 3 Trends Healthcare CFOs Need to Watch

CFOs at healthcare institutions need to have a strategic, seasoned financial partner to help navigate operational complexities, brings deep industry connections and expertise, and provide product solutions that support the healthcare organization.

Originally Published by TD Bank.

By Emmet Conlon, Head of Institutional Healthcare and Higher Education, TD Bank

Chief Financial Officers (CFOs), Treasurers and financial decision makers for healthcare organizations are now required to manage a myriad of responsibilities while acting nimble and innovating in a rapidly changing environment. The technological, regulatory, labor and care provisioning models are changing so quickly that adaptability is a key priority for the industry. All of these changes present operational challenges that require CFOs to manage disparate stakeholders and systems across the entire enterprise while enabling a seamless and cost-effective patient experience.

Here's a closer look at a few of the issues healthcare CFOs are placing at the top of their priority lists:

Reducing labor shortages and surging salaries

Due to the increases in labor and supply chain costs, expenses exceeded revenues for nonprofit and public hospitals for the second straight year in 2017. The salary for medical workers is steadily increasing year over year. According to the annual Health eCareer's Salary Guide 38% of the 20,000 healthcare workers polled saw their salaries increase and 41 percent reported it increased over one year ago in 2017.

Despite salary increases the healthcare industry is experiencing a shortage of nurses in certain parts of the country. In fact, according to a report by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the following states are predicted to have the biggest shortage in the next 10 years: California, Texas, New Jersey and South Carolina.

This issue is requiring hospitals to hire temporary nurses which require higher compensation either through salaries or large up-front "sign-on" bonuses. CFOs are evaluating ways to enhance loyalty and retention of its physician and nursing healthcare providers by incorporating well-being programs, holistic employment plans and other benefits beyond cash compensation. For example, certain hospital and health systems have built or engaged partners to develop tax-efficient deferred compensation plans for physicians. They may also offer behavioral and mental health programs on-site or discounted childcare, and tuition reimbursement. Hospitals are also investing in tracking and benchmarking platforms to analyze labor data. CFO's can utilize this data to proactively plan for busier time periods and bring on additional staff on a time needed basis.

Stabilizing the rising cost of branded pharmaceuticals and consumable supplies

While supply chain costs comprise only one-third of the average hospital's operating expenses, it is expected they will surpass labor costs as the leading expense by 2020, according to projections by the Association for Healthcare Resource & Materials Management. A majority of operating expenses, stem from the escalating costs of pharmaceuticals and consumable supplies. According to a study by Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association prescription drug prices rose 10 percent annually between 2010 and May 2017. The study also indicated that branded drugs with no generic alternatives are rising at an average annual rate of 25 percent, a total of 285% since 2010. .

Care protocols and streamlining of physician drug prescription preferences can help address this issue for CFOs along with an integrated or highly-selective pharmacy network. CFOs should work closely with physicians to identify which medications require branded versions versus generic alternatives. In addition, educational programs can be put in place so physicians can inform patients on the importance of requesting generic versions of branded pharmaceutical drugs which lower costs for the entire healthcare ecosystem.

On top of rising drug prices, the small market for healthcare consumable supplies is impacting acute care systems' bottom line as well. Most health systems have established or joined one or more group purchasing organizations (GPOs) to negotiate more competitive prices on consumable products. Ongoing and increasing savings are available by improving the monitoring of all purchasers to ensure GPO discounts driven by volume targets are recognized and paid. CFOs must also remain vigilant to ensure that purchasing "leakage" outside the GPO contract is eliminated. GPOs also offer analytical tools that identify cost cutting strategies and inventory management solutions. Over the next decade, GPOs are projected to save the healthcare industry between $392.2 and $865.5 billion.

Investing in the right technology

It's understandably difficult for CFOs to strike a balance between cost cutting and investing in the latest technology. However, it's imperative that CFOs allocate personnel and financial resources toward innovation. Updating technology can improve patient care and also make health systems more efficient.

For single-site or community health systems that may be on a tighter budget, CFOs can prioritize their most critical technology needs and invest accordingly. For example, consider making investments in equipment replacement that is beyond its useful technological life or in a service line with the largest patient volumes.

Financial decision makers in the healthcare industry will need to work diligently to keep pace in this rapidly evolving environment. It's a good time to evaluate ways to "unlock" capital for redeployment into some of the initiatives identified above. Now more than ever before, it's imperative for CFOs at healthcare institutions to have a strategic, seasoned financial partner to help navigate operational complexities, brings deep industry connections and expertise, and provide product solutions that support your healthcare organization.

TD Bank Announces Changes to Diversity and Inclusion Team

"Diversity and inclusion are core values at TD, and part of our strategic advantage," said Tara Deakin, Senior Vice President Talent, TD Bank Group.

Originally Published by TD Bank.

TD Bank, America's Most Convenient Bank, announced that Kelley Cornish, Head of U.S. Diversity and Inclusion for TD Bank, has been promoted to Head of Global Diversity and Inclusion for the TD Bank Group effective Nov. 1. In this capacity, Cornish will expand the bank's efforts to promote diversity throughout the U.S. and Canada, implementing and delivering its enterprise D&I strategy, with a focus on building and measuring workforce representation and extending accountability for inclusion across the organization.

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TD Bank Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

Latinos are always eager to learn, grow and establish a solid ground wherever they go...this is so we're able to also accomplish our dreams and goals.

Originally Published by TD Bank.

TD Bank is committed to recognizing the contributions of employees with Hispanic backgrounds. Below, TD Bank employee Amaralys Torres shares her experiences as a part of this community, and explains how her background has influenced her personally and professionally.

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National Coming Out Day: What It Means to One TD Bank Employee

Once she made the decision to come out, she didn't do it in a formal way; it just kind of emerged as part of some everyday conversations.

Originally Published by TD Bank.

"I came out. I survived. And so will you."

That's what TD Bank Employee Lynn Walkiewicz said when asked if she has a message for individuals on the fence about coming out, both at work and in their personal lives.

Each year, National Coming Out Day is observed on October 11, to commemorate the 1987 March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights. The initial idea was grounded in the feminist and gay liberation spirit of the personal being political--and that the most basic form of activism was coming out to family, friends and colleagues, and living life as an openly lesbian or gay person. It's expanded over the years to not only include voluntary self-disclosure of a lesbian, gay, or bisexual sexual orientation, but also transgender, genderqueer, or other non-mainstream gender identity.

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TD Bank Invests in Affordable Housing Initiative in Vermont

Through this funding, NeighborWorks anticipates helping 100 prospective homeowners in the area.

Originally Published by TD Bank.

TD Bank, America's Most Convenient Bank®, announced that its Commercial Lending Group in Vermont closed a $3.5 million credit line for NeighborWorks of Western Vermont. TD Bank's capital allows NeighborWorks to provide down payments or second mortgage loans to local home buyers. The line was closed by Chris Hackett, TD Bank senior relationship manager.

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TD Donates $100,000 to Hurricane Florence Disaster Relief Efforts

"Putting our communities and customers first is a core value of TD and we are committed to supporting all efforts to help in the recovery of Hurricane Florence," said Brian Monday, Regional President of TD Bank.

Originally Published by TD Bank.

The TD Charitable Foundation, the charitable giving arm of TD Bank, America's Most Convenient Bank®, announced that TD is donating $100,000 to support immediate relief efforts in North Carolina and South Carolina in the wake of Hurricane Florence. TD will provide additional donations to support recovery efforts after impact assessments have been conducted to determine needs.

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TD Bank Partnership Provides Internships for High School Students with Disabilities

TD plans to expand Project SEARCH across its Maine to Florida footprint, where available, next year.

Originally Published by TD Bank.

TD is proud to announce its second annual partnership with Project SEARCH, a one-year transition program that provides talented high school students with intellectual or developmental diverse abilities from Cherry Hill, Lenape Regional and Camden City School Districts with on-the-job training through 10-month internships. Project SEARCH reflects a dynamic partnership with Camden County Educational Services Commission, the Employment Network Team of New Jersey, the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services and the Division of Developmental Disabilities.

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TD Bank Finances Affordable Housing Development to Rejuvenate Grove Hall Section of Roxbury in Boston

All of the units will provide discounted rents to ensure affordability for families living in this high cost market.

Originally Published by TD Bank.

TD Bank, America's Most Convenient Bank®, announced it closed a $10.2 million loan used by The Community Builders, Inc. (TCB) to fund the construction of The Clarion, a thirty-nine unit, mixed-income, mixed-use rental housing development in the Grove Hall section of Roxbury in Boston, MA. TD Bank's Community Capital Group also invested more than $9.2 million of equity into the project, as well.

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TD Bank Welcomes Project SEARCH Class of 2019

This is the second year that TD has partnered with Camden County Educational Services Commission, the Employment Network Team of NJ, the NJ Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services, the Department of Developmental Disabilities and Project SEARCH, a national nonprofit that strives to "secure competitive employment for people with disabilities.

Originally Published by TD Bank.

On Thursday, August 23, dozens of TD Bank employees, leaders and friends gathered at the TD Tech Center in Mount Laurel, NJ to celebrate a unique group of 2019 interns. These eight high school students were carefully selected from a pool of 16 peers across the Cherry Hill, Lenape and Camden School Districts in New Jersey to participate in TD's second annual Project SEARCH program.

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Immediate Payments Tops Industry’s Technology Wish List, TD Bank Survey Finds

TD's survey collected responses from 390 finance professionals on industry trends and outlook at the 2018 NACHA PAYMENTS Conference in San Diego, California.

Originally Published by TD Bank.

Technology continues to drive innovation in the commercial payments sector, according to a recent survey of finance and treasury professionals conducted by TD Bank, America's Most Convenient Bank®. Real-time payments is leading change, as nearly half of respondents (42 percent) cited integration of these capabilities within online banking as the technological innovation that will have the greatest positive impact on the industry over the next three to five years.

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