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Novartis: Helping Syrian Refugees Manage Chronic Diseases

(Originally published on Novartis.com) Many have settled in Lebanon, where chronic diseases already place a major burden on the healthcare system, accounting for an estimated 85% of deaths. Now health facilities have been further stretched by the influx of people fleeing Syria, who have swelled the population by a third….

Lawmakers in N.Y., S.C. Seek to Unwelcome Refugees

By Frank Kineavy As the conflict in Syria escalates and ISIS continues to grow its global footprint, state representatives in South Carolina and New York say that while they are sympathetic to Syrian refugees, they prefer they not be in their states, citing the threat of terrorism as the reason….

Trump's Comments are 74 Percent Lies

Donald Trump says a lot ofinsensitive things. Some of his comments are disparaging, such as attacking women’s looks, and others are bigoted, such as his remarks about Mexicans or Muslims. But lately, Trump’s statements have gone beyond simply sharing his opinion to falsifying facts in a way that closely resembles…