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Starbucks is Being Sued for Discrimination Against Former Transgender Employee

"A welcoming place for everyone," CEO Kevin Johnson said of the May diversity training. Managers still didn't get the memo.


Two months after the highly publicized, and eventual flop, of Starbucks' diversity training, a transgender employee with the company for nine years has filed a lawsuit because her manager in Fresno, Calif., made her work days intolerable.

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A tone-deaf apology, a PR campaign with a commercial name-dropping a celebrity, a one-day training, a chairman steps down … and here Starbucks is none the wiser.

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​Takeout While Black: Customer Called the N-word, Pizza Thrown on Floor

Domino's fires the employee and gives customer "a gift card for your racism troubles."


After Marlon Robinson waited two hours for a delivery snafu to be fixed and then went to the Domino's shop in Pembroke Pines, Fla., to complain about the service, the manager dropped a racial slur — and the pizza on the floor.

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Michigan Black Woman Files Suit Against Target for Being Profiled, Cuffed, Dragged, Embarrassed and Stripped

Target apologizes, fires staff, and continues to roll out company-wide unconscious bias trainings.


A Black woman is suing Target for profiling in a Southfield Michigan store that forced her to strip down to her undergarments to prove she wasn't a thief.

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Video: #SwimmingWhileBlack: Racial Slurs and Pee in Omni Hotel Pool Ignored

White privilege rewarded and police threaten to charge Black family instead.

Another case of big business and police perpetuating racism on the job.

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Howard Schultz Steps Down as Chairman of Starbucks

From the #RaceMatters campaign in 2015 to optional racial-sensitivity training last week, Starbucks is failing in diversity and inclusion.


Howard Schultz is stepping down as executive chairman of Starbucks, the company announced in a press release Monday.

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#MoviesWhileBlack: Police Arrest Black Teen for Sagging Pants at the Movies

White theater manager uses white 911 privilege. Police do their thug thing on a 14-year-old.


Public safety resources have been wasted again — this time, on a teen's sagging pants.

A Cineworld movie theater's manager in Wichita, Kan., called the police on Alonzo Taylor, a Black 14-year-old, when he didn't pull up his pants quickly.

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Two Different Cups of Joe: How The Coffee Bean and Starbucks Handled Racism

In an age of increasing racial confrontations, a business must have zero tolerance for discrimination.

In the Trump era, there has been a proliferation of Islamophobic and racist incidents across the country. When discrimination occurs at a place of business, it's apparent if the company's leadership and workforce support diversity and inclusion. A Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf café barista refused to serve a racist customer; meanwhile, a white manager at a Starbucks called the police on two Black men for no reason.

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Hotel Clerk Calls Black Guest a ‘F***ing Monkey,’ Is Terminated

The employee was fired, but Radisson Hotel Group, which is run completely by white men, is following Starbucks' treacherous path and hosting a quickly planned "sensitivity training."

A former hotel employee lost his job after first losing his temper and calling a Black guest a "f***ing monkey." The hotel manager has called for "sensitivity training," but a look at the corporation's all white male leadership team suggests that competency at the top would be a better place to begin.

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Police Called on Black People Leaving Airbnb Because They Didn't Wave to a White Woman

"The cops admit that the woman's reason for calling the police was because we didn't WAVE to her as she looked at us putting our luggage into our car from her lawn," Kells Fyffe-Marshall wrote on Facebook.


Three Black friends were stopped by seven police cars and tracked by a helicopter because they didn't wave to a white woman. Yes, really.

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Blacks Much More Likely to Be Stopped Indoors in Philly Than Whites

Starbucks needs a corporate culture makeover — but it is not the only party at fault.

The arrest of two Black men who asked to use the bathroom at a Starbucks in Philadelphia was not an anomaly, according to a new analysis, further suggesting that a half-day implicit bias training is not likely to bring any actionable solutions.

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Three LA Fitness Employees Immediately Fired for Racism

Unlike Starbucks, LA Fitness makes the right move and terminates the employees responsible.


Three employees at an LA Fitness in Secaucus, N.J., were terminated after they were accused of harassing two Black men who were simply trying to work out.

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