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Reward Offered for Capture of Jazmine Barnes' Killer

$35,000 has been offered for any information leading to Jazmine Barnes' murderer. It will not bring her back, but hopefully, she will receive justice.

Jazmine Barnes

A car trip early over the weekend before the new year ended in tragedy following the death of seven-year-old Jazmine Barnes.

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Racist High School Ref Forces Black Wrestler​ to Cut Dreadlocks ​

New Jersey sports associations have dismissed this racist's behavior before.


UPDATE: Dec. 23, 2018 at 8:44 EST:

Ref Suspended After Forcing Wrestler to Cut Dreadlocks


Alan Maloney, a white referee, forced Andrew Johnson, a Black high school wrestler, to cut off his dreadlocks or he would disqualify him from the match.

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'Hurts Like Crazy': Jemel Roberson's Mother on the Death of Her Son

The choir at his funeral wore black T-shirts with "SECURITY, #Justice For Jemel" printed on front.

Screenshot of CBS Chicago broadcast

Beatrice Roberson, the mother of Jemel Roberson, a security guard who was shot and killed by Midloathian police after detaining a shooter at a bar, said her son "died doing what he loved," and that the loss "hurts like crazy."

"He was a good person, he had a good heart," she said during his funeral at House of Hope.

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Body Cam Video Shows Black Male Shot By Cops Complied With Commands

Paralyzed 19-year-old is suing Milwaukee Police Department as officers' shooting was deemed "justified".


Body cam footage released from an August 2017 shooting of an unarmed Black 19-year-old male in Milwaukee shows him complying with officer commands as he was shot several times.

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Black Man Suffering from Mental Health Illness Dies After Police Use Taser and Tackle Him in the Street

His sister, who said she left the U.S. to protect her Black son, never thought her brother would be the victim.

TWITTER/ @opalayo

Chinedu Valentine Okobi, 36, a Black man, father, Morehouse College graduate, uncle and brother died of cardiac arrest after San Mateo County police tackled and repeatedly used a Taser on him in Millibrae, south of San Francisco, Calif.

Okobi was struggling with mental illness and had been weaving in and out of traffic downtown on the busy street, El Camino Real.

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Voter Registration Deadline for 15 States Today

"Do not assume you are properly registered to vote," warns activist Shaun King.


"Do not assume you are properly registered to vote," warned Shaun King repeatedly. His wife went to vote with her registration card in her hand, and they said she couldn't vote. King said some of the reasons that people are being turned away are nefarious.

Fifteen states close registration today, including Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, New Mexico, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Texas. States that do not have online registration: Arkansas, Michigan, Mississippi, and Texas.

A list of every state's deadline and links to each state's voting requirements was published by the New York Times.

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Four-Year-Old Black Girls Zip Tied by Their Teachers

A poor performing school with predominantly Black students suspended the teachers; they resigned the next day.

Two four-year-old Black girls had their hands zip tied behind their backs by two elementary school teachers in Decatur, Ga. last week. The girls said the teachers threatened to throw spiders on them, too, if they didn't behave.

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Update: Botham Jean Celebrated Amid the Urging of Officer Guyger to Come Clean

Many called for justice. One speaker at the funeral said: Botham Shem Jean was not a silhouette.

Thousands gathered Thursday afternoon to celebrate the life of Botham "Bo" Shem Jean in the sanctuary of Greenville Avenue Church of Christ in Richardson. But undertones of hurt, and a demand of justice for Jean, were present.

Many spoke of Jean's character and faith, and the family's rearing of an "exemplary student, mentor and teacher," but among the prayers and remarks were calls for justice.

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Black Man Killed at Family Reunion in Park Was Hate Crime Victim, Says Relatives

"We all believe it was a hate crime," said Frederick Taft's daughter.

Screenshot from KABC-TV video

Frederick Taft celebrated with 40 to 50 of his relatives during a family reunion at Pan American Park in Long Beach, Calif., not knowing that it would be the last time. Taft was shot and killed inside a restroom that afternoon. His relatives said a white man murdered him because he was Black.

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After 8 Protests in Pittsburgh, Cop Who Killed Antwon Rose Charged with Criminal Homicide

District attorney said the officer's actions were intentional; officer had a history of violence toward "a certain type of person."


The officer who shot and killed 17-year-old Antwon Rose, another unarmed Black male, was charged with criminal homicide on Wednesday, following eight protests over five days across Pittsburgh.

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Anniversary of Montgomery Bus Boycott Inspires 'Injustice Boycott'

Shaun King, a New York Daily News columnist and BLM activist, has organized a nationwide boycott to begin December 5.

UPDATE Dec. 5, 2016 at 4:45 p.m. EST

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Murdering Cannibalistic White Teen Subdued Nonviolently, Young Black Man Shot by Police

A white teen in Florida was subdued without gunfire after stabbing three people and eating one's face — a drastic change from a young Black man shot after a similar scenario.

Mugshot for Austin Harrouff

A white teen who stabbed three people, killing two, and tried to eat one of the victim's faces was subdued by police officers without deadly force last week. The scenario has raised questions about Black men who have been shot and killed despite being nonviolent and compliant, as well as a young Black man in a similar face-eating scenario who was shot and killed by officers.

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