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Hey, Nancy Pelosi, What About These People

As the #MeToo movement branches out from the entertainment industry, state and federal lawmakers accused of sexual harassment are being held accountable and it’s not just Republicans. Among the lawmakers around the country leaving their positions over sexual harassment allegations during the past year, about 40 percent are Democrats, according…

The National Impact of the Election of Doug Jones

Ever since Doug Jones upset accused sex offender Roy Moore in early December, pundits and party leaders alike have grappled with the question of whether this was a deformation of Moore or the change of political tide. Last Thursday while filling in for Rachel Maddow, Joy Reid spoke with Democratic…

Doug Jones Selects a Black Chief of Staff

Doug Jones, the first Alabama Democrat elected to the Senate in a quarter century, has tapped Dana Gresham to become his chief of staff.In his new role, Gresham will be the only Black chief of staff for a Democratic senator. Two Republicans in the Senate, Sens. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) and…

Former RNC Chair Slams Trump for Making Racism Acceptable Again

Michael Steele, who served as the first Black chairman of the Republican National Committee until 2011, said that President Donald Trump is to blame for retro racism in the United States. In a panel discussion on MSNBC, which aired Monday, Steele explained why he thinks Trump has exacerbated racial tensions….

Black Women Beat Trump's Pervert in Alabama Upset

Tuesday night when exit polls regarding the Alabama Senate special election became available,#BlackWomenbegan to trend on Twitter as it became evident that Democratic candidate Doug Jones had narrowly defeated Republican candidate Roy Moore. Almost every Black woman who cast a vote 98 percent voted for Jones, according toCNN exit polls….