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White Woman Says Her African Daughters Experienced 'Worst Racism' From Blacks

A clueless mother and "educator" writes about teaching her African daughters not to "see color."


A writer for the Federalist, a conservative publication that uses tags in its stories like "Black Crime" to catalog incidents, and defended Roy Moore dating teenagers, wrote a story about her African adopted daughters not being Black girls, but Americans.

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Woman Accusing Brett Kavanaugh of Sexual Assault Willing to Testify Before Senate Panel

Lawyer said of her client: "She believes, that but for his inebriation and his inability to take her clothes off, he would have raped her."


Christine Blasey Ford will relive trauma from more than 30 years ago as her alleged attacker, Brett Kavanaugh, sits through confirmation hearings, which could place him in a seat of power over law for a generation.

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'Historic' Numbers of Black Women Running for Office in Alabama

Will the Democratic Party give Black women the support they deserve?

Terri Sewell, D-Ala., a four-term congresswoman, is running for re-election this fall.

Following Republican candidate Roy Moore's defeat in the Alabama Senate special election in December, a record number of Black women are running for office across the state. Black women, who are staunch Democratic voters, now want to be on the ballot.

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Hey, Nancy Pelosi, What About These People?

Close to half of the state and federal lawmakers leaving their posts for sexual harassment are Democrats.

As the #MeToo movement branches out from the entertainment industry, state and federal lawmakers accused of sexual harassment are being held accountable — and it's not just Republicans.

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The National Impact of the Election of Doug Jones

Alabama state representative claims start of progressive movement.


Ever since Doug Jones upset accused sex offender Roy Moore in early December, pundits and party leaders alike have grappled with the question of whether this was a deformation of Moore or the change of political tide. Last Thursday while filling in for Rachel Maddow, Joy Reid spoke with Democratic Alabama State Rep. Merika Coleman on MSNBC after the state court threw out Moore's complaints that challenged the validity of the election results because the former Alabama chief justice filed it in the wrong court.

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Doug Jones Selects a Black Chief of Staff

Dana Gresham, a former Obama official, will be the only Black chief of staff for a Democratic senator.

Doug Jones, the first Alabama Democrat elected to the Senate in a quarter century, has tapped Dana Gresham to become his chief of staff. In his new role, Gresham will be the only Black chief of staff for a Democratic senator.

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Former RNC Chair Slams Trump for Making Racism Acceptable Again

Michael Steele said that Trump "was the man picking at the scab" of racism in the U.S. "until it became a wound again."


Michael Steele, who served as the first Black chairman of the Republican National Committee until 2011, said that President Donald Trump is to blame for retro racism in the United States.

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Pro-Trump Radio Host's Rumor Blacks Bused to Alabama to Vote Slammed on Twitter

"I rode in a multicolor WV Bus and voted 34 times (30 for Jones, 3 Michelle Obama, 1 for myself of course)," a Twitter user mocked.

The 30 percent Black-voter turnout in Alabama's special senate election resulting in Democratic candidate Doug Jones' victory is unfathomable to some, like Republican candidate Roy Moore, who lost but refuses to concede, and pro-Donald Trump online radio host Bill Mitchell who has decided to spread rumors.

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'We Can't Let This Man Win': Alabama State Rep. Says Black Voters Had Enough of Roy Moore

Laura Hall (D-Huntsville) talked with DiversityInc about Madison County's grassroots efforts to support Doug Jones in the senate race.

Alabama State Rep. Laura Hall / Madison County Legislative Office

Alabama House Minority Leader Anthony Daniels, who represents District 53 in Madison County, said that the Democratic Party should focus more on Black women.

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Black Women Beat Trump's Pervert in Alabama Upset

Black voters turned out at a higher percentage than in the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections, taking a stand preventing Roy Moore's retro racism to represent their state.


Tuesday night when exit polls regarding the Alabama Senate special election became available, #BlackWomen began to trend on Twitter as it became evident that Democratic candidate Doug Jones had narrowly defeated Republican candidate Roy Moore.

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Roy Moore Said Ending Slavery, Giving Women Right to Vote Is Part of America's Problem

Moore, endorsed by Trump, said amendments after the 10th "have completely tried to wreck the form of government that our forefathers intended."


UPDATE: Dec. 13, 2017, 12:47 a.m. ET

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The Last Time America Was Great 'We Had Slavery' Says 'Banned by the Mall' Retro Nutcase Roy Moore

In response to a Black person's question at a rally, the Republican Alabama Senate nominee fondly recalled the era when Blacks were enslaved. Also linked Voting Rights Act to "problems."


Roy Moore, the Republican Alabama Senate candidate and alleged sexual predator endorsed by President Donald Trump, said America was great during an era when families cared for one another — the same era when Black people were sold, enslaved and hanged.

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