Should Promotions Go to Women and People of Color First?

Question: You've expressed your doubts that reverse discrimination exists, White Guy, but in this medium-sized factory, hourly workers aspiring to leadership positions are trained to parrot the following sentence, when asked: "All else being equal, we should always promote the woman or minority first." Your comments, please.

Does Reverse Discrimination Exist?

Question: A situation I have always wondered about is the preponderance of companies that have instituted work-force diversity programs and the conflict of "true work-force diversity" with white privilege. As the "White Guy," tell me your thoughts about this conflict and how the White Guy feels about this.

Supplier Diversity Is Neither 'Condescending' Nor 'Unfair'

Question: Would not "giving" black contractors 2 percent of the available job, reserving that portion for blacks just because they are black, actually be easily understood, clearly defined reverse discrimination? And wouldn't it also be patronizing, condescending, and unfair? Does it really help those presumed disadvantaged to give them free things solely because of the color of their skin?

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