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Herb Washington, Former MLB Player and Owner of Largest McDonald’s Franchise, Sues Company for Racial Discrimination

Former Oakland Athletics player, Herb Washington, who built the country’s largest Black-owned McDonald’s franchise, filed a lawsuit this week charging the fast-food behemoth with racism. The company is accused of “redlining and retaliation,” or systemically pushing Black franchisees to open in impoverished neighborhoods, causing them to yield less profit. McDonald’s…

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Gay Police Officer Sgt. Wildhaber Wins $20 Million in Discrimination Suit Against St. Louis County

St. Louis County, Mo., police officer Sgt. Keith Wildhaber on Friday won a discrimination lawsuit against his department for nearly $20 million after claiming the department discriminated against him based on his sexuality and retaliated against him when he filed a complaint. In one instance in 2014, Wildhaber recounted in…