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Georgia High School Band Spells Out Racial Slur During Performance

The students involved said it was meant to be a joke.

Brookwood High School in Snellville, Georgia's marching band, whose instrument covers spell out their mascot "Broncos," rearranged them to spell a racial slur that once again shocked fans and had band directors under the microscope.

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NFL Announcer Asked Black Coworker if Mic was off Before Using N-Word, He Resigns​

Colts put out a gushing statement of radio announcer Bob Lamey's retirement, but using a racial slur prompted his exit.

While at work, Bob Lamey, an NFL Indianapolis Colts radio announcer, told a story about an auto-racing analyst using the N-word 30 years ago. But Lamey decided to use the racial slur in his storytelling, despite whoever may have been in the room. A Black woman, present and offended, told Emmis Communications management about the incident.

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White Trucker Drops N-word, Gets Fired and Loses Unemployment

Claims discrimination by employer for not firing other racists.


Stephen L. Kraft was denied unemployment benefits on Wednesday by a three-judge Commonwealth Court panel in Pennsylvania because he used the N-word so much at work that two judges saw it as willful misconduct.

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Walmart Apologizes After Their Website Describes Wig Cap as 'N****r-Brown'

Leading retail chain Walmart has apologized for allowing a third-party seller to list a racial slur in the product description of a hair product.

Global retail chain Walmart has come under fire for the oversight of a racial slur used on their website. REUTERS

The hypermarket retail chain Walmart (a DiversityInc 25 Noteworthy Company) has apologized after failing to realize that their website used a racial slur to describe a wig cap that was being sold on their site.

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