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casket of Valentina Orellana Peralta

Memorial Held for 14-Year-Old Girl Shot by LAPD in Department Store Dressing Room

Fourteen-year-old Valentina Orellana-Peralta was laid to rest on Monday, Jan. 10, after being accidentally shot by police during part of a tragic retail store shoot-out. Christopher Weber of The Associated Press reported that Orellana-Peralta “was killed when a Los Angeles police officer fired at a suspect at a clothing store…

Ronald Greene memorial

Federal Investigators Probe Potential Cover-Up of Ronald Greene’s Death 2 Years After He Died Mysteriously in Police Custody

Two years after her son died tragically at the hands of police officers, a mom in Louisiana is still demanding answers and justice. Jim Mustian of the Associated Press reported that “Ronald Greene’s mother chastised Louisiana lawmakers on Monday, Dec. 13, for not acting quickly enough to hold state troopers…

downtown Kansas City

White Kansas City Police Officer Convicted of Manslaughter in Fatal Shooting of Cameron Lamb, an Unarmed Black Man

While the trials involving Ahmaud Arbery and Kyle Rittenhouse continue to take up the bulk of evening news coverage, there’s a bit of good news breaking in the case of another race-based murder that has received far less media attention. Heather Hollingsworth of the Associated Press reported that “a judge…