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Archived: Trump Focused on Destroying Obama's Legacy

President Donald Trump has tried unsuccessfully to do away with the legacy of former President Barack Obama. Given Trump’s history of attacking his predecessor, his pointedness on demolishing his successes hardly comes as a surprise. Trump for years pushed the birther movement, his unfounded questioning of the authenticity of Obama’s…

Archived: Uncertainty Over Healthcare Funding Worries Schools

With many Republican lawmakers and the White House still unable to accept the Affordable Care Act as the law of the land, the ongoing debate may have a direct effect on millions of vulnerable students who are impacted by severe symptoms due to their disabilities. As the future of healthcare…

Archived: GOP Health Care Still in Limbo, Conservatives Push to Cut Benefits

As Republicans remain divided over the American Health Care Act (AHCA), the proposed repeal to Obamacare, conservatives are pushing for an end to “essential health benefits” that include maternity care, addiction treatment, annual well visits and mental health services. Eliminating the essential health benefits would lower premiums, conservative lawmakers argue….