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Kaiser Permanente: Improving Health Through Stable Housing

Kaiser Permanente initiatives strengthen affordable housing and health in the community.

Originally Published by Kaiser Permanente.

Three miles from Kaiser Permanente's national headquarters, an apartment building in a diverse neighborhood has provided affordable housing to residents of Oakland's San Antonio neighborhood for years.

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Sen. Kamala Harris Pays Homage to Shirley Chisholm

"Like Shirley, I believe that to restore confidence and trust in our institutions and leaders, we need to speak truth," Harris said of Chisholm.


Kamala Harris' announcement on "Good Morning America" on Martin Luther King Jr. Day was a stark reminder of what happened 47 years ago this week in a race for the presidency.

Harris is standing on the shoulders of Shirley Chisholm, the first Black woman to run for president, and 10 other Black women.

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Black Firefighter Videotaped, Reported to Police for Doing His Job

"Racism exists in the world, and it exists in Oakland and everywhere else," said Fire Capt. Damon Covington, president of the Oakland Black Firefighters Association.

Oakland Black Firefighters Association / FACEBOOK

A resident in an upscale community in Southern California called 911 because a Black firefighter was working in the neighborhood and then another resident videotaped him while he worked.

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Video: Homeless Black Man’s Belongings Trashed by Racist Jogger at BBQ Becky’s Stomping Grounds

Trump-alt/right boy, Henry "scum bucket" Sintay, outed by social media as the perp.


#JoggerJoe, an unidentified Oakland white man, grabbed a Black homeless man's belongings and threw them in the lake and the trash, despite park goers' attempts to stop him. The Black homeless man, identified as Drew and described as peaceful and always smiling, lived at Lake Merritt, the Bay Area park. Yes, that is the same park where racist BBQ Becky called the police on Blacks barbecuing.

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Marshawn Lynch's Mother Fires Back at Trump

"What NFL team do Trump own? Oh yeah they wouldn't let him have one!" said Delisa Lynch after the president's Twitter fingers took a jab at her son.


When Oakland Raiders' Marshawn Lynch became the target of President Donald Trump's cyber bullying, his mother delivered a well-played response.

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