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Lawyer Unleashes Racist and Violent Tirade on NYC Subway: Video

A white woman who attacked an Asian woman riding the subway was arrested.

Screenshot of Facebook video

A woman's racist and violent tirade on a New York City subway was captured on several cellphone videos. One of the videos was posted on Facebook and has gone viral with more than 8 million views. She has been identified as Anna Lushchinskaya, an attorney based in Brooklyn.

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Update: Charges Dropped Against Mother Violently Separated From Child By Cops

Officers put on modified duty, while Jazmine Headley's one-year-old son has bruising from the struggle with police.

Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez announced that Jazmine Headley, age 23, would not face charges related to her Friday arrest, and called for her immediate release. Justice Craig S. Walker of the State Supreme Court ordered her release.

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Jasmine Headley, age 23, was carrying her child into a city agency building in Brooklyn where SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) is located, and sat on the floor to wait as there were no more chairs. A bystander, Nyashia Ferguson, who goes by the name Monae Sinclair on Facebook, reported she saw a security guard confront Headley and the two got into an argument. Security called the police, and when they arrived, Headley tried to explain, but they cut her off. That's when things got ugly.

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NYPD Discovery Hearing Set for Cop Who Killed Eric Garner

Thursday's hearing could result in Daniel Pantaleo being terminated from the force.

Officer Daniel Pantaleo, the NYPD officer who put Eric Garner in a chokehold which killed him, is scheduled for a disciplinary conference on Thursday that could result in the termination of his job.

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Opinion: There's More to Lasou Kuyateh's Story Than Meets The Eye

The New York Times released a video on the bogus arrest of Lasou Kuyateh. Someone should always call out corruption and discrimination by the police, but we shouldn't be painting the devil as a choir boy to do it.

I watched the New York Times video on the bogus arrest of Lasou Kuyateh.

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Racial Attack on Black Woman in NYC Being Investigated as Hate Crime

A white man stabbed Ann Marie Washington in a subway station and "started punching her in her face because she was Black," a witness said.

A 57-year-old Black woman is recovering from surgery to repair a collapsed lung because while exiting a subway in Brooklyn, N.Y., she was punched in the mouth and stabbed by a white man who called her a "Black b--ch" The NYPD's Hate Crimes Task Force is investigating the attack as a hate crime.

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Prosecutors Won't Charge Trump Supporter Who Threatened Don Lemon's Life

A threat on a man's life isn't a pressing issue, according to the District Attorney's office in Manhattan.

A white nationalist sent CNN host Don Lemon death threats in the fall of 2017 via Twitter. Lemon tried to pursue legal action, but was recently informed that the District Attorney's office would not be pursuing charges.

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3 Members of Racist Gang 'Proud Boys' Finally Arrested After Brutally Beating Protesters

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo blames Trump and Republicans for the violence. But, New York City has a history of violence from racists.

The far-right men's organization "Proud Boys" violently beat protesters Friday night following a Republican event in Manhattan. After inaction by the New York Police Department during the attack, three members of the racist gang were arrested — finally.

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Black Restaurant Owner Arrested for Helping Unconscious White Woman Sues NYPD

"You're not a physician or any s--- like that tonight," an NYPD supervisor told Dr. Clyde Pemberton.

Dr. Clyde Pemberton, a Black restaurant owner and retired psychiatrist in Harlem, sued the NYPD for his arrest after he helped an unconscious white woman in his restaurant.

When Pemberton tried to tell the white supervisor from the 28th precinct that he was a doctor, the officer interrupted him:

"You're not a physician or any s--- like that tonight," Pemberton recalled.

The federal lawsuit is claiming a #WhileBlack moment— removal of the right to be a professional and business owner.

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NYPD Tells Justice Department to Move Forward with Eric Garner Case, Family Calls BS

"We don't want politics to play a part, we just want justice," said Gwen Carr, Garner's mother.


The New York Police Department told the Department of Justice it has until the end of August to move forward with taking action in the death of Eric Garner, or else it will take matters into its own hands. Meanwhile, on the fourth anniversary of his death, Garner's family asks why they can't just take action now.

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Police Target, Tase Black National Guard Soldier: ‘Do You Want Another Round?’

What hurt Calvin Moreland the most was being treated as "just another Black man in the hood."

A police officer tased and threatened a 27-year-old Black National Guard soldier and asked if he "wanted another round" after the man complied with the law. Calvin Moreland now questions why he wasn't seen as a brother but instead as "just another Black man in the hood."

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Russell Simmons Demeans #MeToo Movement as NYPD Launches Formal Investigation into Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Simmons disrespected the entire #MeToo movement while trying to make himself appear innocent.


Amid mounting accusations of sexual misconduct, the New York Police Department has launched an official investigation into disgraced music mogul Russell Simmons. Meanwhile, Simmons took to social media to belittle the entire #MeToo movement.

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