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Black Activist Exposes White Chicago Cops Allegedly Caught on Camera Using 'Bait Truck' Filled with Nike Shoes

Chicago cops would rather lure residents to steal and create criminals versus going after real ones.

On Aug. 2, a white semi-truck, left partially-opened, appeared in the Englewood section of Chicago's south side. It was parked near a basketball court where neighborhood residents were out in full force enjoying the hot, summer weather.

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Nike's Head of Diversity and Inclusion Leaves Amid Executive Scandal

The company not only has a problem accelerating women into leadership roles but also has a boys-club culture.

Nike CEO and Chairman Mark Parker/ REUTERS

As Nike Inc. continues to fail in hiring and retaining women at leadership levels and grapples with the alleged sexist behavior of executives, Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion Antoine Andrews has left the company.

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Nike Has a Problem with Hiring and Promoting Women and Minorities to Senior Levels

Employees received a memo that the company has failed to achieve change.

Nike Senior Management

Nike Inc.'s HR Chief Monique Matheson informed employees on Wednesday that the company has failed in both promoting and hiring women and minorities to senior-level positions.

But this is not surprising as Nike's executive leadership team is predominantly white and male. Mark Parker, the company's chairman, president and CEO since 2006, apparently has not made diversity a priority.

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German automotive company Audi has come under fire for airing a sexist commercial that compared women to used cars — and also reinforced Asian stereotypes.

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Nike Ad Touts Equality, But Has None on Board, Executive Committee or Even its Ad Agency

The company's "Just do it" slogan does not apply to diversity for its board members.

Nike's newest "Equality" ad has created a lot of buzz, with the media calling it a "powerful message" and a "forceful call" to equality. However, a look at the company's nearly all-white and almost all-male boardroom tells a different story.

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