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Unite the Right 2 Lost in a Sea of Diverse, Anti-Hate Voices

"I had more people at my niece's baby shower than this," said a counter-protester.

White supremacists gathering for the Unite the Right 2 rally on Sunday in Washington, D.C., showed up 40 strong. Meanwhile, thousands of people met in the city prepared for a counter-protest.

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If You Support Trump, You Hate Who I Am

We are long past needing to be understanding of his supporters.

It's been one year since the deadly Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Va. And now, we are all bracing for what is being called Unite the Right 2, planned for this weekend in the Washington, D.C. area. A state of emergency has been declared in Virginia ahead of the gathering of white supremacists and Neo-Nazis.

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Former Trump Campaign Aide Uses 'Cotton-picking' on Fox News Broadcast over Whether Liberals Complained About Racism too Much

Conservative language continues to signify white supremacy and Nazi ideals, pre neo-Nazi D.C. rally.

On a Fox News broadcast, David Bossie, a former Trump aide, bashed the language CIA Director Michael Hayden used in comparing the Trump administration to Nazi regime. But then he used language that was a nod back to the days of slavery in the U.S. when talking to a Black Democratic strategist.

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Kaepernick's Lawyers Want to Depose Former Papa John's CEO

John Schnatter, loved by Nazis and Trump, was a mainstay on DiversityInc's list of CEOs behaving badly — until he lost his job.

Former NFL player Colin Kaepernick's grievance against the NFL has requested a new list of people to be deposed — and among them is John Schnatter, the disgraced former CEO of Papa John's.

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Curt Schilling Fired Following Anti-Transgender Remarks

Schilling is the latest public figure to lose his job over a discriminatory post on Facebook.

The post Curt Schilling shared on social media

Curt Schilling, an ESPN analyst and former Boston Red Sox pitcher, was fired Wednesday after posting anti-transgender comments on his Facebook page, ESPN announced.

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Trump to Rally-goers: If You Hurt a Protester 'I'll defend you in court'

The Republican front-runner's rallies perpetuate violence.

Rallies across the country for GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump are becoming synonymous with violence. Trump has not condemned his supporters who use physical violence against protesters and actually suggests it might be a good thing.

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'Trump is Hitler' Comparisons Intensify

Many are increasingly drawing similarities between the GOP frontrunner and history's most vilified genocidal hatemonger.

Saturday Night Live's parody ad "Racists for Trump" features cast member Taran Killam as a Trump supporter, complete with Nazi armband.

The New York Daily News on Sunday blared on its front page "Trump is Hitler," quoting comedian, actor and producer Louis C.K., who made the comparison in an email newsletter to fans over the weekend.

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