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A Decatur Elementary School Criticized Over Natural Hairstyle Discrimination, School District Distances Itself from School Policy

Narvie Harris Elementary School in Decatur, Ga., faced backlash regarding its discriminatory school policy regarding acceptable natural hairstyles worn by its students. Administrators at the school created and displayed a poster of what they deemed “appropriate” and “inappropriate” hairstyles for class. The advertisement solely featured Black children. Related Story: CROWN…

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Body Scanners at Airports Single Out Black Women for Hairstyles: Report

It’s 2019, yet Black women who choose to wear natural hairstyles face an additional layer of discrimination at airports. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) uses $150,000 “active millimeter wave radio technology” body-scanning machines from L3 Technologies, which has no Black women on its executive leadership team. Apparently, the technology is prone to false alarms for hairstyles…