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Cincinnati Cop on Desk Duty After Calling a Black Woman the N-Word

The Cincinnati NAACP said the officer should be fired.

Dennis Barnette, a white Cincinnati police officer, called a Black woman the "N-word" as he tried to take her into custody at a nightclub. It was recorded on the body camera of another officer at the scene.

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New Jersey Teacher Fired After Saying the N-Word and Having a Meltdown

Vincent Serpico told the students that he wouldn't get in trouble for the tirade "because nobody cares."

Vincent Serpico, a teacher who taught at Piscataway High School since 2009, heard music on a boom box in a boys' bathroom. He deemed the lyrics "offensive" and ended up going off on special education students citing the song by yelling the the N-word and profanities. He has been fired.

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Texas High School Students Chant the N-Word: Video

The teens that attend Carroll Senior High School have barely been reprimanded.

Screenshot NBC 5

In Southlake, Texas, Carroll Senior High School officials reprimanded a group of white students who were captured on video spewing racist tirades.

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Greendale High Student Suspended After Being Called the N-Word at School

Black students at the school say it's a daily occurrence and nothing is done by the administration.

Screenshot of Chanese Knox

Greendale High School junior, Chanese Knox, was suspended last month after arguing with another student who called her the n-word.

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12-Year-Old Boy Called the N-Word at School Leads Anti-Bullying Campaign: Video

Tarrick Walker created a movement that's spreading outside of his community. You can join, too.


While playing basketball at school in Hanford, Calif., 12-year-old Tarrick Walker's classmate called him a "dumb ni**er" multiple times.

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NFL Announcer Asked Black Coworker if Mic was off Before Using N-Word, He Resigns​

Colts put out a gushing statement of radio announcer Bob Lamey's retirement, but using a racial slur prompted his exit.

While at work, Bob Lamey, an NFL Indianapolis Colts radio announcer, told a story about an auto-racing analyst using the N-word 30 years ago. But Lamey decided to use the racial slur in his storytelling, despite whoever may have been in the room. A Black woman, present and offended, told Emmis Communications management about the incident.

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White Man, Who Used N-Word in Video, Fatally Stabs Black Man

"How many times can we say the N-word to the bartender before we get kicked out," Joden Rocco said in a video.

Joden Rocco, a 24-year old white man, tried to see how many times he could say the N-word before getting kicked out of a bar in Pittsburgh. Rocco's game resulted in him killing a Black man, Dulane Cameron Jr., also age 24.

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Jesse Jackson: Use of the 'N-Word' is Far From the Only Measure of Racism

"We can't allow Trump to dumb down racism, limiting the standard to whether one utters the n-word or not," writes Rev. Jackson.

By Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr.

Last week, amid the continuing clamor of Trump's chaos presidency, the question of whether Trump had used the n-word became a media sensation.

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Former Federal Air Marshals Say They Were Told to Target 'N*ggers'

The men said they were wasting resources, meanwhile real terrorists were out there.

Three former federal air marshals, Steve Theodoropoulos, Henry Preston, and Ed Cunningham, said they were told by a supervisor to target "the Black people" when they worked in Orlando because "they're the ones who have warrants."

"But he didn't use 'Black people' he used the n-word," said Theodoropoulos.

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"The View" co-host Sunny Hostin said Monday on the show that she and her friends had rented a cottage at a historically Black beach, which they've done for many years, but on July 4th, the group was verbally assaulted by teens yelling racial slurs.

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News Anchor's 'Clap Back' When Called the N-Word Is Phenomenal

"You think it's okay to call this journalist a n***er. I don't," is only part of Sharon Reed's amazing on-air reply.


Atlanta TV journalist Sharon Reed is taking a nod from Rep. Maxine Waters and reclaiming her time.

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Be Careful: 'Ni**er Lynching' Texts Sent to Black Freshman Uncover Backdoor to Private Information

A University of Oklahoma student involved in messages sent from "Daddy Trump" obtained contact info from a private University of Pennsylvania Facebook group.

A University of Oklahoma student involved in messages sent from "Daddy Trump" obtained contact info from a private University of Pennsylvania Facebook group.

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