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With Weeks to Live, Charles Krauthammer Posts Farewell Column

Our journalist, Frank Kineavy, helps us understand Krauthammer's legacy — and what a powerful role model he is to everyone excelling in their career (who has a disability).


For nearly 30 years Charles Krauthammer has been one of the most stoic and prolific political commentators of his time. First a columnist at the New Republic and the Washington Post, later a talking head for Fox News, this conservative pundit has gained national admiration for his ability to express his opinion in an unapologetic yet dignified manner.

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As Sexual Harassment Claims Rock News Networks, Women Step In

Is it time to move on from the one male, one female co-host format?


After a turbulent week for major news networks that saw CBS and NBC part ways with their iconic morning show hosts over a flood of sexual harassment charges, they are introducing new faces to their early morning viewers…women.

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Kellyanne Conway Repeated Bowling Green Massacre Lie

President Trump's adviser cited the fake "Bowling Green massacre" several times — and lied about an Obama "refugee ban."

White House senior adviser Kellyanne Conway / REUTERS

President Donald Trump's adviser Kellyanne Conway has once again come under fire for her "alternative facts," raising significant questions about her credibility.

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Is Rep. King the Biggest Bigot in Congress?

Last night's comments questioning the contributions of non-white people to the advancement of human civilization may have crowned it.

U.S. Congressman Steve King of Iowa on Monday night said that white people contributed more to civilization than any other category or "sub-group of people."

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Trump Calls for 'Punishment' for Women who Get Abortions, Later Backtracks

Unfavorable poll numbers among voting women now at 73 percent.

Trump on MSNBC.

"There has to be some form of punishment" for abortion if the practice is banned — and the blame should fall on the women, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said Wednesday in an interview with Chris Matthews on MSNBC.

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Huckabee: Dr. MLK Would 'Be Appalled By' Black Lives Matter

Dr. King: "When there is rocklike intransigence or sophisticated manipulation that mocks the empty-handed petitioner, rage replaces reason."

In an interview with CNN, former Arkansas Gov. and current presidential Republican contender Mike Huckabee shared his thoughts on how Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would "be appalled by" the Black Lives Matter movement.

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MSNBC Apologies for Ignorant Cinco de Mayo Celebrations

A sombrero-clad, tequila-guzzling reporter apologizes for his over-the-top insensitivity. See the video here.

By Chris Hoenig

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MSNBC Host Resigns After Palin-Slavery Comments

What kind of crude commentary about Sarah Palin made Martin Bashir the second MSNBC host in a week to lose his job?

By Chris Hoenig

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