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Mississippi Lt. Governor Was in Fraternity Known for Racist Parties

Tate Reeves is the latest politician connected to racist yearbook photos.

Mississippi Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves is the latest politician connected to racist yearbook photos. Reeves is the front-runner to become the Republican nominee for governor.

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Major League Baseball Donated to Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith After Video of 'Public Hanging' Remark Surfaced

"But please MLB, do continue to tell us how much people of color matter and the importance of Jackie Robinson's legacy," Jemele Hill said, on Twitter.

Republican Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith's "joke" about attending "a public hanging" — a method of domestic terrorism that killed hundreds of Black people in Mississippi — resulted in major companies withdrawing their support, except for Major League Baseball (MLB). Hyde-Smith recently received the legal maximum donation of $5,000 from the MLB.

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Photo Surfaces of Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith Wearing a Confederate Hat

"Mississippi history at its best!" the GOP senator exclaims in a Facebook post, which includes the photo.

Photo Courtesy of Facebook

A photo of Mississippi Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith (R) wearing Confederate garb surfaced on Tuesday, literally, after she recently "joked" that she'd attend a "public hanging," if invited.

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Mississippi Senator Makes 'Reprehensible' Comment About 'Public Hanging'

Mike Espy, a Black man, in a runoff election against Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith said her comment has "no place in our political discourse, in Mississippi, or our country."

U.S. Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith with President Trump at a campaign rally in Southaven, Miss., on Oct. 2. / REUTERS

U.S. Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-Miss.) will face Democratic candidate Mike Espy, a Black man, in a runoff election. In a video clip, which went viral on Sunday, she jokes about attending "a public hanging" — a method of domestic terrorism that killed hundreds of Black people in the state.

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Mississippi Senate Candidate Says Black People Should Stop 'Begging for Federal Government Scraps'

Eddie S. Glaude Jr. questioned Chris McDaniel on how he would appeal to Blacks, and he gave a racist answer.

Mississippi Republican Senate candidate Chris McDaniel let his racism show in a live broadcast of MSNBC's "Morning Joe." McDaniel perpetuated the stereotype that Blacks depend most on the federal government.

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Shots Fired at Emmett Till's Memorial

Only 35 days after being repaired, the memorial was again defaced.

Just a month after the Department of Justice reopened the Emmett Till case, a memorial in Mississippi has been vandalized. It stood for a mere 35 days. It's now pierced with bullets. This is not the first time the sign honoring the 14-year-old boy who was slain for whistling at a white woman in 1955 has been defaced.

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Pro-Trump Radio Host's Rumor Blacks Bused to Alabama to Vote Slammed on Twitter

"I rode in a multicolor WV Bus and voted 34 times (30 for Jones, 3 Michelle Obama, 1 for myself of course)," a Twitter user mocked.

The 30 percent Black-voter turnout in Alabama's special senate election resulting in Democratic candidate Doug Jones' victory is unfathomable to some, like Republican candidate Roy Moore, who lost but refuses to concede, and pro-Donald Trump online radio host Bill Mitchell who has decided to spread rumors.

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Confederate President's Name to be Replaced by Barack Obama's at Mississippi School

Nearly all of the students in the entire Jackson Public School District are Black.


The majority Black school district in Jackson, Miss., is renaming one of its schools, which is currently named after a Confederate president, after the nation's first Black president.

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Biloxi Bans 'To Kill a Mockingbird,' Makes 37% Black Mississippi 'Uncomfortable'

Another school district opted to ban the book, whose themes align with the killings of Black men by police and the backlash to NFL players' national anthem protests.


Harper Lee's classic "To Kill a Mockingbird" has made its way on yet another list of banned books because it makes people "uncomfortable."

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Black Student Forced to Share Valedictorian Status with White Student, Says Lawsuit

Jasmine Shepard's mother sues the recently desegregated school district.

Jasmine Shepard FACEBOOK

It's 2017 and Cleveland School District in Mississippi will finally desegregate its racially divided high schools and middle schools.

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Mississippi Sheriff's Department Sued for Racial Discrimination

Data reveals a systematic pattern of discrimination embedded in the sheriff's office.


The sheriff's department in Madison County, Miss., has been systemically targeting Black residents to baseless searches and arresting them at disproportionate rates, according to a lawsuit.

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California Bans Government Travel to 'Anti-LGBT' States

Discrimination proves to be bad for business once again.

Assemblyman Evan Low (D-Calif.)

Anti-LGBT hate laws are continuing to cost states money — as well as drive away business.

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