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Milwaukee Mayor Whitesplains After Unarmed Black Man is Shot by Police

Meanwhile, an assault rifle-armed white man was not shot. Is it OK to compare the outcomes?

Brandon Moore and Jerry Smith, Jr. were both arrested by the Milwaukee Police. One was unarmed and shot three times while the other was armed with an AR-15 rifle and fired up to 15 shots and was left unscathed.

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NBA Player Sues Milwaukee for Wrongful Arrest, Officer Mocks Him on Facebook

The "imbalance in violence against African Americans by police officers is particularly rampant in the State of Wisconsin," Sterling Brown's lawsuit states.

From body cam video of arrest.

NBA Milwaukee Bucks rookie Sterling Brown has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the city of Milwaukee and multiple local police officers after they used a stun gun on him for a parking violation, and for an officer's inappropriate memes on social media regarding the incident.

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